23 September 2021
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5x New – week 34

A tidal wave is approaching. Khroma’s fourth and final single from the upcoming “Ex Nihilo” album, “Tidal is the soundtrack for the end of times, when the flood will come and wash it all away. In a collage of downtuned grooves, electronic beats, sorrowful ambiences and the relentless rhyming by vocalist Riku Rinta-Seppälä, ”Tidal” takes you on a one-way journey beyond the darkest waves.
“I am thrilled to be releasing my first EP on August 6th. It has been a long, beautiful and at sometimes hard road to get this done the way I’ve wanted it, but it’s finally here! I really want my fans to connect personally with each song they hear and create their own story. There are so many highs and lows with my music, a dark yet beautiful roller coaster.” – LEXI
Los Angeles-born, guitar-driven heavy metal icons ALCATRAZZ today release their new single “Guardian Angel,” taken from their upcoming fifth studio album, V. The record will see release October 15th via Silver Lining Music.
As soon as the proverbial needle has connected with the proverbial first-etched groove of V album opener “Guardian Angel,” it is quite literally pedal to the metal in the most glorious, traditional sense. Guitarist Joe Stump and guest-drummer for the track, Nigel Glockler [Saxon], front-foot it from that first split second, screaming guitar sprinting next to those thunderous drums, and then the voice of ALCATRAZZ’s new singer Doogie White tears into action, smashing the notes and hitting the vocal heights which ALCATRAZZ music demands.
Anton Reisenegger (vocals/guitars) comments: “‘Live on your Knees’ is the opening track and also the first track Danilo and I wrote for the album. It’s probably one of the fastest and most brutal songs on the record. Its late 90s death metal and hardcore vibes punch you straight in the face and don’t let go. The lyrics are a message of freedom and independence in these times of turmoil and uncertainty. Ben Liepelt did a killer job with the lyric video, and we can’t wait for everyone to see/hear/feel it!”