26 November 2022

Déhà – Cruel Words

Release date: 24-04-2021
Label: Burning World Records

The multi-instrumentalist/producer/engineer Déhà, who is known from many acts such as Wolvennest and his solo projects, is back with the re-issue of “Cruel Words”, which was originally released in early 2019. This re-issue of “Cruel Words” is on vinyl for the first time by Burning World Records. I first got to see Déhà live with Wolvennest last year and his stage presence was beyond impressive! So this re-issue sparked my interest and so I decided to dig deep.

“Cruel Words” is all about the darkness and melancholia! The album offers the great mix of black metal, post-rock and doom elements in a straightforward fashion; I would even categorize this as DSBM. It is depressing and coming from a dark place. Vocals and lyrics form the highlight and will lure you in right away.

One highlight I liked in “Cruel Words” was the contrast between clean and harsh vocals. “Blackness in May” or “Dead Butterflies” are great examples of this yin-yang as the songs start and bring that “calm before the storm” vibe with the instrumental passage and clean vocals…. Then the storm hits after the second half of the song with those harsh vocals. The only exception to this would the beautiful piece and the album opener “I Am Mine to Break”, which only consists of clean vocals. But also the acoustic reprise of this song is such a heart-shattering beauty! This exceptional song especially reminded me of movie soundtracks and you can definitely feel how sincere and from-the-heart emotions come from.

Now that “Cruel Words” is re-issued, this is the perfect opportunity to light those candles, turn off the lights and enjoy the re-issue on vinyl. Definitely recommended to the fans of melancholia and doom.

Track list:
  1. I Am Mine To Break
  2. Pain is a Wasteland
  3. Blackness in May
  4. Butterflies
  5. Dead Butterflies
  6. Cruel Words
  7. I Am Mine To Break (Acoustic Reprise)
  8. Saturnine (The Gathering Cover)
  9. Comfort Me II