Premiere: Disout – All of Them

“This track is about the dark side of humanity and the feelings and emotions of the main character.”
Taken from their new album “MIEN”, released on February 8th.

Disout are now releasing a new lyric video for the track “All of Them”, taken from their latest album “MIEN” released early this month.

“All of Them” sees the dark side of humanity, feelings and emotions of the main character.

You can watch the video at this location: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8YBGUGaYE0&feature=youtu.be

“MIEN” features 9 tracks with heavy riffs, powerful drums, atmospheric guitars and unique vocals from singer Darek. Disout’s debut album is about people and society. Disout’s sound is a tribute to the heavy rock, combined with solid riffs that go hand in hand with modern metal.

Line – up:
Darek Dolny – vocals
Mateusz Simiot – guitars
Jan Nowak – bass
Artur “Artie” Woźniak – drums