27 November 2021

All Them Witches – Nothing As The Ideal

Label: New West Records
Releasedate: 04-09-2020

Psychedelic/blues formation All Them Witches has quite some releases on their name. They were formed in 2012 and has given us five releases. Yet, this year another one followed. Now as a trio they came with “Nothing As The Ideal” they have number 6 on the counter.

The band has been known for not sticking between the lines of any genre and throw in what they feel like. A Black Sabbath feel is to be found with this current one, but simply that as reference would not give a full image of what this sound gives you. They built up the tension giving it a bit of postrock/stoner feel, maybe a bit more vibrant though. Where the band keeps the momentum a bit shorter, the switch from one element to the other is often subtle but fast.

It shows great class from these guys that they can stitch it all together. With these many different elements it could have turned into a circus but yet it feels like im listening to a solid piece.

Vocals are not always at the top of the shine but when listening to a track like “The Children of Coyote Woman” it makes the most impression. Bluesy, dark and yet not stepping towards that cliché sound.

If you like a variety of genres then the sound of All Them Witches will suit you. The band is one of those out there who define their own sound and break away from their influences in such a way that you hear it is there, but yet you don’t.

Line up:

Charles Michael Parks, Jr.– Bass/vocals
Ben McLeod – Guitar
Robby Staebler – Drums

all them witches


  1. Saturnine & Iron Jaw 
  2. Enemy of My Enemy
  3. Everest 
  4. See You Next Fall 
  5. The Children of Coyote Woman 
  6. 41
  7. Lights Out
  8. Rats in Ruin


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