23 July 2024
Witches of Doom

Witches of Doom – Funeral Radio

Label: My Kingdom Music
Releasedate: 03-04-2020

Witches of Doom are a goth/stoner/doom rock band from Italy. Formed in 2013, the band makes a fine mix consisting of your favorite hard rock and goth tunes ranging from 70s to 90s. The latest release “Funeral Radio” is out.

Oh boy, get ready to feel the 70s, 80s and 90s in one fine package! With “Funeral Radio”, the band delivers a wide spectrum ranging from pure gothic rock to stoner/doom. Each song will take you to a familiar tune or atmosphere. Most of the time you will even feel that nostalgia and pay tribute to your favorite bands from those years such as Type O Negative, Monster Magnet or The Cult!

Combined with the solid riffs and melodies, the powerful and passionate vocals will make you headbang and dance at the same time! I also loved how some songs such as Queen of Suburbia or Sister Fire give off the gothic vibes whereas some highlights like Coma Moonlight or November Flames show us the ‘rock’n’roll’ and doomy side of the band. This nice harmony is indeed one big highlight of this record, with the first half maybe standing out a bit more in this context.

One downside of “Funeral Radio” is the vision of the band. On one hand, the mix of these styles and the time travelling is quite entertaining. On the other hand, with a defined style and essence, Witches of Doom can become the next big act in this scene! They definitely have potential and I think it will be more interesting to hear and feel their own character rather than the mix of several styles. I am looking forward to the next albums and curious about how their essence will develop. Either way, if you like a bit of rock’n’roll, goth rock, stoner doom (or all of them combined!), check this one out, you won’t regret it!

Line up:

  • Federico “Fed” Venditti – guitar
  • Danilo “Groova” Piludu – vocals
  • Saiax – bass
Witches of Doom

01. Master of Depression
02. Coma Moonlight
03. Queen of Suburbia
04. Funeral Radio
05. Sister Fire
06. Ghost Train
07. November Flames
08. Hotel Paranoia