K[nine] – Dead World Poetry

Release date: 24-11-2007
By: Sabine van Gameren

  K[Nine] is a band from Norway, starting a two man formation in 2001. In the
  years some persons were added to the line up, released two demo’s and now
  they released their EP “Dead World’s Poetry”.

  What can you expect of K[Nine]? The answer to this question is quite easy.
  Metalcore influenced by a mix of Soilwork, Chimaira and Pantera.

  “Dead World’s Poetry” starts off quite surprising with the song
  “Fraction of Time”. The song has a nice contrast between the clean
  vocals and the more aggressive parts. This makes it easy to follow the cause
  of the song which, of course, you have to hear yourself.
  Second song, called “Pitch Eyes Black”, is more aggressive in general.
  More power and instrumentally more based on nu-metal.
  “My Inner Demons” is quite similar to “Pitch Eyes Black”.
  Same idea, the party goes on!
  With “Failed Creation” they start like a typical metalcore band. I
  can imagine this song is a real crowd-pleaser when played live. Especially,
  because the band states that the best way to see their music is visiting one
  of their live performances.
  “Choose Your End” is THE song where the Pantera influences come more
  to the front, while the last song of the EP “Path of Damnation” is
  more like the typical K[Nine] sound as they showed in the first songs on the

  Overall the album is various and experimental. If I mention the bands statement
  about their live gigs once again, I can just say that I am curious to what their
  live shows are about, since this album is seriously an ok album which won’t
  disappear in a dark corner of my CD collection soon.

  01. Fraction of Time
  02. Pitch Black Eyes
  03. My Inner Demons
  04. Failed Creation
  05. Choose Your End
  06. Path of Damnation  


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