Late Autumn – Autumn Depressions

Release date: 2007
By: Sabine van Gameren

  Late Autumn is a band founded in autumn 2003. In 2005 the band started playing
  gigs and working on an album. The four German guys created typical dark gothic
  rock. I would like to mention the sound of Tiamat and Type O Negative as bands
  to compare to.

  Late Autumn makes use of the violin in their band to make their sound some
  more melodic or even dramatic depressive. Fit this in with a deep, dark voice
  of vocalist “Der Ott” and some dark guitar tones to get the image
  of Late Autumn.

  The title “Autumn Depressions” seems to fit perfectly. Their music
  makes your mood like the feeling of a grey, rainy autumn day. On such a day you have
  two options:
  1. Going out for a walk in the woods and let your deeper thoughts coming up
  while the cold wind is playing with your hair.
  2. Stay home and wait for better times.

  The mood which comes with or while listening to the album is also visible on
  their artwork. A grey kite hanging on a grey wall, like it crashed down there.

  “Autumn Depressions” is also the name of the last song on the album
  and it closes the album nicely.
  Not bad for a relatively young band in this genre. They really managed to create
  an atmosphere which fits the genre so typically and certainly managed to impress
  me with this album. I have great expectations from these guys for the future.

Line Up:
  Der Ott – Guitar, Vocals
  DerDu – Violin
  Calis – Bass
  Schulz – Drums

  01. Divided
  02. When I’m Gone
  03. Fragrance
  04. Glitter, Shine And Gloria
  05. Autumn Depressions  


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