23 September 2023

Full Nothing – 14-02-2017

[schema type=”person” name=”Juha Kylmänen for Full Nothing” country=”FI” ]

Interview by: Gamze Öyunc

Photo credit: Full Nothing Twitter account

  •  Q: First of all, Hello Juha! How are you, what have you been up to nowadays?
  • J: Well, hello! I´m fine thank you. I´ve been keeping myself busy with the new Full Nothing album songs and with my brand new music studio building project. Also slowly trying to learn some Spanish with not so good success yet.


  • Q: I was so glad to see you perform and hear your voice in this project “Full Nothing” after a while since For My pain and Reflexion. It’s such a unique project in my eyes because it has Argentinean musicians and singers from Northern Europe like you and Mats. What were these Argentinean musicians doing before Full Nothing? Did they have a band before?
  • J: Full Nothing is originally build up by two masterminds, Nicolas Marcos and Guillermo de Medio. FN music is based in music and lyrics of Nicolas and arrangements from Guillermo. Together they formed idea from project Full Nothing that would contain several musicians all over the world. Nicolas has a background as a musician in smaller acts and long history of composing and guitar playing. Guillermo is a keyboardist and multi musician who has performed with many bigger acts on their tours . I guess Guillermo is best known as a tour keyboardist for Tarja Turunen band on Latin American tours. He has also worked as a producer on several albums and recordings.


  • Q: How did you come together with the Argentinean musicians for Full Nothing project. How did they find you?
  • J: This was one of the first questions i asked when i first heard they want me on the album. The answer is quite simple actually. They found me thru internet based videos and stuff from my previous works in music. Their goal was to find Scandi-based singers to achieve Scandinavian style to vocals, so i got picked up.


  • Q: First album came out in 2015. How did you record that album? Other singers and yourself flied to Argentina to record the vocals?
  • J:My parts was recorded in Helsinki at Fried Studio by Arttu Peljo. First we did two songs then 3 more, about  a month later. All the visiting artists were recorded somewhere else not in Argentina for the first album.


  • Q: There is a Deluxe version of the first FN album that has 4 songs. What is the special thing about these deluxe versions? I hear some extra string arrangements.
  • J: Yes. The deluxe contains totally different arrangement, more strings,  different vocal takes and most of all a different mix session. The first album is mixed originally by Jacob Hansen but the deluxe extras are mixed by Christer Andre Cederberg.


  • Q: You have made live sessions in 2016 in Argentina. How did you decide to record live sessions? It must have taken a long time. How much time did it take?
  • J: Actually not that much. but it was experience beyond words for me. First of all it was the first time we played together as a band and it was like a roller coaster of emotions. I have never felt that afraid and satisfied at the same time in my whole musical career. it was totally amazing. We practiced one day and recorded one day. So all happened in two days , except mixing of course.  The live was Mixed by Mario Altamirano, mastered by Jens Bogren and the session was Recorded at El Pie Studios.Buenos Aires, Argentina. But yes,  we caught some very unique feelings and moments to that live. I’m actually very proud of it. and at the same time i noticed that the band could go on stage very easily, practically anytime. Since the playing and personalities worked better than i could ever imagine. It was magical.


  • Q: Did you take part in writing the lyrics and composing the songs in the first album?
  • J: Nope. All the music, lyrics and arrangements are made by Nicolas and Guillermo on the first album.


  • Q: Do you have any idea how the other big names such as Mats Leven came to record vocals for a number of songs?
  • J: Mostly the visiting artists was picked up thru old connections from tours etc. by Nico and Guillermo. Some thru friends and other musicians they have worked with. Mats is an amazing vocalist and his voice worked perfectly on many songs. In the first album I also did versions to some parts that didn’t end up in the album since some other take worked better. it was that simple.


  • Q: I heard that you’re recording a second Full Nothing album. How is it going to be different from the first one? Do you also write lyrics and compose on the second one? How many songs do you sing in?
  • J: Well…yes to all.  We are making new album and it will be a totally different story. After the first album Nico and Guillermo wanted me to step to Full Nothing as a real member and make FN a real band not a project anymore. So i was asked to lead singer to the band. After i said yes, I went to Argentina and stayed there for little over a month. In that month we recorded vocals to the album,we did live sessions, interviews and most all we arranged ,composed and fixed lots of lyrics there together. So yes, I will appear on all tracks on the second album. I am also involved in some songs what comes to the lyrics and arrangements in the second album. The time in Argentina was a dream come true for me, and the chemistry between us felt like we had know for years… literally. it’s a cliche, but now i know it can actually happen, so fuck cliches. Anyway the new album is going to be filled by emotions and scenes that can only happen in this kind of situations. Totally different cultures and people sharing the same ambition and goal in music. No compromises, only best will do. And I’m not only talking from technical view but also emotional view.


  • Q: Are there also gonna be various singers contributing the new FN album?
  • J: Yes, sure. there will be guest musicians on the new album too.


  • Q: Are there any plans for doing live shows? If yes, where would they take place?
  • J: Yes, we will perform live. But at the time we don’t have any exact dates or plans for that yet. I hope as soon as possible.


  • Q: Good luck for the second FN album and congratulations for this project. Can’t wait for more.
  • J: Thank you very much !!  I can assure that what you are about to hear on the second FN album will take you on a super emotional joyride like never before.