31 March 2023

Masters Of Dark Fire – Dead Spots

Releasedate: 08-01-2010; Label: Danse Macabre
By: Nina Mende

Masters of Dark Fire are a Gothic and Dark Rock Band from Berlin/Germany, established in 2004. The style of Masters of Dark Fire is mainly assigned to Dark Rock. The dark mostly English lyrics are accompanied with powerful application. Catchy rock songs, orchestral hymns and soulful ballads are part of the repertoire of the four musicians.

With a dark and gloomy voice the album starts out, leading you slowly into the world of Masters Of Dark Fire. Throughout the album you will hear several different styles. From gloomy Goth-rock to squeaky techno tracks like for example “Too Late”. Some songs are sung by a child or a girl. Some of the songs on this album sound very metal as well. With “Dead Spots” Masters Of Dark Fire take you on a journey through music. Unsure whether the band has not found themselves yet or simply like to experiment with music has to offer, this album is perfect as background music without being boring or tiring you. In some songs I am not sure in which language they are sung, but mainly the lyrics are in English. As well as the music goes through different styles the lyrics go into different directions. This album sounds like several short stories put together yet staying on an independent level. Let them take you on a journey.

01. Dead Spots
02. TSS- My Fngerprints In Life
03. Too Late
04. The Pirate
05. City of the Damned
06. Pesnja
07. Garden Of Love
08. Zombie Walk
09. Carnival
10. Dullahan
11. She Walks In Beauty
12. Singing Bridge
13. When I am Dead

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