23 July 2024
The Physicists

The Physicists – 12-11-2015

[schema type=”person” name=”Juha Virtanen” country=”FI” ]

Earlier this Autumn we had a look at the new album of The Physicists and attended the releaseparty. Luckily we also got to ask the band some questions about this release.

What can you tell me about the process of creating “My Love Is Dead”?
“It was hard. I mean really fucking hard, We spent about 4 years trying to create something that hasn´t been done before + at least to our interest a good piece of music. The Physicists consists of artists with capital A and as such there was a lot of fighting going around. There were many times I didn´t think we would get the record ready at all”

The PhysicistsHow do you generally work? Do you have songs finished before recording or do you create while recording?
“We do song structures and several premixes long before we enter the studio. If we get the feeling something doesn´t work when recording in the studio we might change it completely though”

What did you spend most time on?
“There was a lot of consideration focused on orchestrating the machines and the live instruments to work together. Also a lot of hassle about the song structures. We did want to make it kinda easy to listen to yet a fuckload of lot of all kinds of disturbing elements and especially depth. Depth.”

What do you consider the key element specific to this release?
“Thematically this album is about aging and individuals trying to cope with a world that has strict definitions about everything but no meaning. Well, meaning in a traditional philosophical sense. Musically it is an experiment about how far fetched elements can you mix together to create something expectional yet kinda shake your ass-into shit.”

Where are the surprises in the album for the fans?
“Well compared to the last album this one has less elements and riffs from traditional speed metal. The first half of the album lies somewhere between kinda Museish stadion anthems and black metal The other takes more of an industrial/nu-metal approach, with a lot of lo-fi techno sounds attached. I think our fans, if there are any, are used to us turning things around though, so the element of surprise may be a hard one to catch”

When listening to the album the song “Wayne Newton Hullaballoo” jumped out. Can you tell where that song comes from?
“Wayne Newton is a song we made for the Finnish Eurovision song contest. That is why it´s much easier than the others. Although it got some time on national TV it didn´t make it to the finals. Which is a goddamn shame. The song is about an aged keyboard player doing his thing in Finnish Supermarkets, dreaming about being Wayne Newton. But with pride.”
The Physicists
What do you consider the main differences between a live and recorded experience of your band?
“When live, we try to hold up a party, there is no other excuse to come see us now is there? Life itself is not that rewarding, so you might want to shake your ass up a bit. The music itself, the records I mean a are more of a thing you might consider worth trying to like really listen to. About what they have to say about life. The shows are just boomboom.”

You have uploaded some youtube video’s online. How important do you think this visual aspect created by video’s, internet presence etc. is for your band?
“Very. There is no debate about whatever youtube is important to every band that is out there. We try to make the videos not like your typical bandthing: band playing on stage, flickering lights, guitarsolos etc. Not like theres something wrong with that but it really doesn´t reflect what it´s all about for us.”

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