19 April 2024

10-02-2024 Persefone

Supports: Lampr3a, Stellar Circuits, Hypno5e
Metropool, Hengelo (Netherlands)

A package of 4 bands was scheduled to play in Hengelo tonight. All with a sense of prog in them. Persefone was headlining the night.

The first band that would enter the stage is Lampr3a. The Basque trio is making progressive metal and they announced themselves being a bit shy. Maybe that was not too hard to guess seeing the first part of their performance, the band is a bit static and stands ground.

Their music is purely instrumental and while the performance may be minimal the music is the spotlight here and that makes up for a lot. They have released their last album about a year ago, so they were eager to give it some shine. The band has an interesting way of building their songs, they often grow upon you and yet are not high in contrast, it is the less obvious, more natural transforming that makes that you keep listening. It’s a short set, but nevertheless a good opener of the evening.

The second band was Stellar Circuits, who has their home base in the USA. The band is rather different from the opener, they are in much closer contact with their audience. Vocalist Ben Beddick is often found at the front of the stage looking people in the eye.

Musically they are bit more grittier as well. They seem to like to give it a bit more of a rough edge and that makes it pleasant to see as they always bring it with a certain nonchalance, but requires more attention for the detail than one may think at first. They released and album “Sight To Sound” earlier and just before their tour started they shared a few more tracks for people to enjoy.

What came to notice is that the band has a good balance in their sound. Where vocalist Ben is often in the spotlight the other band members have their own moment to shine, and all comes together flawlessly so it is never too obvious that give time for the other to step forward. We enjoyed this band quite well, so we hope they cross our path again somewhen.

The French Hypno5e is a band we have seen around some times. They are definitely a bit more static than Stellar Circuits, but have a rich sound to bring to their audience. Their 2023 album “Sheol” provides them with enough ammo to present the audience with a set richly filled with new material. The band radiates that they are happy to be on the stage again, they seem to enjoy being here today.

Sometimes the show is a bit timid, but its switched off with more intense moments. The music is making a good impression on the audience but the connections is not as strongly felt as with Stellar Circuits. The dreamy aspect in their music is what keeps people listening and with a reasonably filled venue the band will surely found their way to people who seek this sound.

Speaking about eagerness, Persefone is happy to start their tour here today. It has been a while since we have written about the band so for us it was great to see how they evolved through the years. Whereas they were a support the last time, the headliner show of tonight it showing a band that can stand on their own. The most recent album dates back to 2024 but this year the guys have an EP called “Lingua Ignota: Part I” to present to their audience. It is only out for a week or so, so the audience is soaking it in calmly. When going further into their set you can see the recognition comes in and some more head banging and even a mosh pit starts to take place.

They have clearly divided their set and when vocalist Daniel mentions he hopes people enjoyed this first part people indicate that this was the case. The last part of their set was maybe the most intense and when one of them jumps off the stage to join the crowd the evening is complete. These guys have brought a great show, where they show that they are on their way to conquer the world. Class!


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