24 June 2024

Bjorn Berge – SteelFingerSlim

Releasedate:   26-01-2024
Label: Blue Mood Records

Bjorn Berge is a productive flow the past years. A new album dropped by our headquarters. It is called “SteelFingerSlim” and it is available now.

Last year we got some some collaborations from Bjorn, but this time we get an album that carries just his name. That means, on the cover, for also the usual suspects can be found at this release.
Most of the tracks are quite calm, and bluesy as it can be. Familiar tracks for sure, some are covers, but also some material of himself.
What stands out are Deep Purple’s “Black Night” and Bjorn’s own “Bastards”. Both are songs and songs that show the variance that this man can put in a song. Less interesting is the track “Like A King” (Ben Harper) which kind of breaks down on that. It becomes a bit boring and the lyrics are not helping by being repetitive. But the general feel of the album is that the identity of Berge’s sound is everywhere. A cover here and there doesn’t break that, the man simply makes it his own.

The album listens easily and gives you a hunger for a live experience of these tracks. It is an album that will be much more alive even when you it being played in front of you. But surely it will warm up your sultry Sunday afternoons.



  1. Mama Said
  2. Get It On
  3. Your Man
  4. Devil Calling
  5. Like A King
  6. Bastards
  7. Spoonfull
  8. Begging
  9. Black Night
  10. Don’t Look Back