24 June 2024

19-08-2023 En Mörk Kväll

Bands: Killing Stones, Svarta Sanningar, Dark
The Food Company, Borås (Sweden)

The summer is a good time for doing some trips and this time we were on the road with destination Goth. Or rather, Borås in Sweden. On schedule was a night with three bands from town playing in a venue that seems to be new to events like this. Spacious enough and with a warm, welcoming atmosphere it seems to be a perfect match for a night like this.

The night is opened by The Killing Stone, a band that has a sound somewhere between Sarke’s more recent work and Prong. A bit unlikely duo to be found together but yet that is what we got from it. The beginning of their set, a bit slow with vocals that reminded me instantly to the “Gastwerso” album from the Norwegian formation. Then the band takes it up a bit and we come more towards Prong. Interesting to watch are guitars, where some vibrant parts are coming from.

When the audience picks up on it, the show comes more alive, people gather a bit closer to the stage. At some point the songs become quite alike, the variation in the set is kinda key to keep it going, perhaps that was a bit missing towards the end. Overall the guys were doing a good set that set the atmosphere for the evening.

Up next is the band Svarta Sanningar, who celebrates a first lustrum of their debut EP at the end of this year. So no surprise the band brings some of that today. Plenty of time for the audience to have made themselves acquainted with it we would say.

When the darkness falls in behind the stage, the band takes care of some sinister tunes on it. But if you have not heard them before that should not bring you on a wrong path. The warm vocals of vocalist Klas lure you in easily and with a melodic surrounding the band has not much trouble getting people into it. A catchy edge to your occult brings something unique to the stage.

Anno 2023 the band has more than that first one out. A second EP, some singles and who knows what we will hear from them soon.

The final performance of this evening was from Dark. Their Gothic tunes awaken the gloomy dancers within us after a hefty start. Just as Svarta Sanningar there is strong melodic part in their music, but with heavy hearted story in base the band is leaning towards a melancholic atmosphere. Pitch black tracks with the glow of candles, figuratively speaking, a French chanson going Gothic.

The band provides a varied set and takes the audience along their releases. The band released a couple of remastered versions of their songs in the past year which makes the songs have been heard by many of the attendees already. Some cheering in between the songs, the audiences responds well, especially to the most catchy tracks. Seems like at the end of the night our world got just a little more Dark.


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