23 July 2024

26-04-2023 Misanthropia

Supports: Razorblade Messiah, Thorium
Astrant, Ede (Netherlands)

On the night before Kingsday in The Netherlands, traditionally a lot of events are held to warm up for the King’s birthday. In Astrant that meant they were inviting some metalbands to perform. A varied evening with different genres represented.

Razorblade Messiah

The first band playing this evening was the Thrash formation Razorblade Messiah. The guys have an energetic approach, the vocalist is making sure he addresses everyone in the venue and if that is a bit harder because people are standing a bit too much in the back, he simply jumps off to come a bit closer.

Eventually he ended up the bar, but that did not seem to have people turning too much. The show is not only by him so people watch the rest of the band as well and thus ignore what happens behind them.

The songs the band was playing did not stand out as being super original but brought with the enthusiasm of these guys it is good entertainment nevertheless.

In 2021 the guys of Thorium released their album “Empires In The Sun” which we enjoyed listening to back then. Time to see the guys live. A swift in their lineup though, some new bandmembers on board for the Belgian Heavy Metallers and tonight is their debut to the stage together. In the beginning the show appeared a bit modest, but that is also compared to the more flamboyant opener.

During the set you see the band grow and have a more consistent show where sound, performance and confident is there. The highlight was when “Hall of The Mountain King” by the mighty Savatage was performed. Their vocalist was visibly enjoying that song a lot. Twinkly eyes and a full passionate performed song. Seems like a favorite. And being said by person who does not like covers at all; it was done with style and class.
Looking forward where these guys will be with a bit more shows on the clock with this lineup.

Last band of this night was Misanthropia, a Melodic Black Metal formation from The Netherlands. The band has been around for quite some years, founded in 2005 and five albums in the discography guarantee the band has a wide range of material to choose from tonight. The band has a steady and calm start, they have the music roll over the venue to leave its mark and do not need a lot of extra on top of that. There is a sense of drama in their sound that is entertaining but overall the guys are having a feeling on how to have a calming effect. The music seems intense and comes in at their audience at its intended rate. A passionate sound that makes the audience nod their heads, some a bit wilder but above all enjoy themselves.
The guys of Misanthropia play an excellent show and where a good headliner of this evening, for those who wish to escape from the mainstream type of music played at this national holiday.



Razorblade Messiah
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