24 June 2024

03-11-2022 Preparty Hellsinki Industrial Festival

Location: Kuudes Linja, Helsinki (Finland)

Helsinki has been having this Hellsinki Industrial festival organised by Elektrik Products for a couple years now and we never made it there so far, this year it was time for us to do so.

This night was the pre-party and it takes place in Kuudes Linja, a cozy club in town. Opening this evening is Carnal Machinery which is a solo project by Jacques Saph. With a display of certain desperation in the act Jacques strengthens the words of the songs. A calm start but increasingly sharp in its intent and while more and more audience drop by in front of the stage the show warms up a bit. Industrial, Synthwave and here and there some other influences are in the mix and keep it varied enough for the set of tonight. Just a few months ago the single “Void” got released which is available via the Carnal Machinery website.

The next act was Jessi Frey. The lady we have seen with Velcra through the years, a few years ago a reunion gig even happened, but for tonight we are seeing her solo show. A good dose of Velcra fans, including us, found their way and so with a full house and band behind her the performance starts.

The songs played are varied. Some quite light in appearance and others brought with more power or darkness, simply playing with the energy. Whether you choose to headbang or to dance, there is always a place for you in this set. And to cherish the past we are getting some Velcra songs as well tonight which are increasing the power. When the last song is played we have seen a wide range of all to be found within the albums released as earlier this year it was the second album “Warriors” that saw light. A vibrant show this night!

Closing the night was ESA which stands for Electronic Substance Abuse as it seems. A table was placed in the center of the stage but we can’t say that we ended up watching a static show. ESA is UK based and his electronics are not the only thing to this show. Every once in a while he leaves his spot and sees the audience from a shorter distance while bringing some vocals in and seeing some glow in the dark tipped drumsticks lighting up the air in high speed while the visuals are adding some extra as well you start to realize that this show is well thought of and well balanced.

There are some dedicated fans out there seeking their change to dance vigorously. Must be said, ESA surprised us well tonight, an entertaining and energetic show at Hellsinki Industrial festival.


Carnal Machinery
Jessi Frey