19 April 2024
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5x New – Week 40

“Illumination” is a track taken from the band’s album “Into The Void”, due for re-release on October 21st via Wormholedeath worldwide.
“Illumination is one of our oldest songs also present in our 2015 EP Ghosts. It’s a melodic and fun song to play live that basically talks about letting go of the people that drag you down and that think they know better than you.
The video contains clips of the “Into the Void” original release party and its preparations.”
Norway’s freshest talent in the Metal scene “STORM” released his debut EP back in August!
Now he follows up with a hard-hitting music video for the title track “INVINCIBLE”, about not letting the darkness take over.
New single with Svarta Sanningar!
On Friday, October 7, Svarta Sanningar’s new single “Ritual Deluxe” will be released – A black sermon at 3:30, about a gray area between death and life. The music is dark and haunting with connections to the bands Danzig and Mission, as well as Type O Negative in their dirtiest moments.
Let yourself also be embraced by the darkness on Saturday, October 15. Then Svarta Sanningar plays together with the bands Canis Lupus and Z73 at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg (Swe) during the GOTHIC NIGHT event.
Finland’s Antipope releases a new single and music video “Twilight of the Grey Gods”. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming 6th studio album, “Rex Mundi”. The song “Twilight of the Grey Gods” represents a more atmospheric and melancholic side of the album while still maintaining constant straight-forward pressure and intensity that characterizes “Rex Mundi”.