24 June 2024
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PREMIERE: Terra Nova – Ring That Bell

TERRA NOVA is latin for “the new world” and is one of the best bands emerged from the European melodic hard rock scene in the nineties. Formed during 1992, in may 1994 the band started the recording of the first album “Livin’ It Up”, finishing it in October 1995. One year later the album was published with big success by Victor Entertainment Inc. (JVC) in Japan. September 1997 saw the release of their second album in Japan called “Break Away” which was actually welcomed with great critical and public acclaim. “Livin’ It Up” was finally released in Europe by Now & Then in 1997. Soon after they attended the Gods festival in Wigan, UK and the band gained very much success even though most of the people never heard the band before. In January 1998 the band toured Japan for the first time again with high acclaim from the critic and the public. In July 1998 the finally band entered the studio to record their 3rd album for the Japanese market called “Make My Day”. At the end of
1999 however persistent problems with their Dutch record company saw the band reach the end of their patience and the end of the road. Reluctantly, but perhaps inevitably, the band split. Brothers Ron and Fred Hendrix forged the Pop-Rock outfit AQUILA. But their hunger for rock reignited when Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino pushed the guys for a reunion album in 2005. “Escape” the come-back release in 2005, has gathered excellent responses from the critic and fans, and the “Best Of” now gives a glance to the past production of the band during the nineties. “Come Alive” was released on July 2nd in Euope, July 27th in the U.S.A. and August 25th in Japan 2010. In March 2015 the album called “Reinvent Yourself” was released. In 2018 the new album “Raise Your Voice” was released.
The band is currently working in their new album “Carpe Diem”.


Livin’ It Up 1996, Break Away 1997, Make My Day 1999, Escape 2005, Come Alive 2010, Reinvent Yourself 2015, Raise Your Voice 2018 , Ring That Bell 2022

Line up:
Fred Hendrix – Vocal
Ron Hendrix – Keyboard
Gesuino Derosas – Guitar
Hans in ‘t Zandt – Drums