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5x New – Week 18

Progressive, Alternative Rock Band with metal and wave influences from Roeselare, Belgium.
Formed in 2017. Raw, energetic band with a strong live reputation. More than 120 live shows in Europe. Confronting lyrics, suffused with a progressive angle. Grungy guitars, groovy bass, threatning synths, progressive drums and a screaming voice are well fit combo. Lay down before you hit the ground.
The band comments:
“Crimson Kiss is a story about breaking prejudices and about the balance between good and bad. The song is an epic and theatrical interpratation about who is justified to define and judge good and evil. Crimson Kiss has a strong beat, compelling chorus, and surprising hooks. The song was composed by Hannu Kuoksa with lyrics written by Teemu Huhtala.”
The time has come to wield your sword and charge back to the battlefield, as this summer, Finnish heavy metal force BATTLELORE returns with a brand new record! More than 10 long years since their last studio album, Doombound (2011), June 3, 2022 will finally see the Tolkien-inspired masters of epic, fantasy metal release their much awaited, seventh record, entitled The Return Of The Shadow, via Napalm Records.
German genre-fusing LORD OF THE LOST just released “The Heartbeat Of The Devil”, originally from their latest album JUDAS (#2 German album charts), and second single from their upcoming EP of the same name, out May 6, 2022 via Napalm Records. “The Heartbeat Of The Devil” is a 80s pop inspired dark piece of art that hits with its emotional impact created by vocalist’s Chris Harms nostalgic tone and an impeccable instrumentational soundscape.