25 February 2024

Ewiniar – 12-01-2022

Interview with: Ewiniar

Can you tell us how you got started with Ewiniar?

Marin: “The story of Ewiniar was born a few years ago, but we didn’t proceed with its realization until recently. Back in 2015, when we met, we realized that we share the same taste for music and we started talking about how it would be great to create our own music one day. When pandemic started in 2020, we finally had some time to work on our debut album properly.”


We found your music a bit between genres, can you tell us what kind of references you would take for describing Ewiniar?

Katarina: “I think there are many different elements in our music, which probably stems from the fact that we really like many different bands and genres. I would say that the sound of Ewiniar contains slower, atmospheric songs and faster energetic rhythms. It was born from a shared love for the melancholic and dark music and bands we have been following since we were teenagers. Someone will call it goth metal; others will say call it goth rock. We don’t really care, as long as we think it all makes sense.”

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing songs?

Katarina: “When I write lyrics for songs, I find inspiration in everything I feel, see, hear and everything I read or watch. Inspiration can come from my own experience, but also from other people’s experiences. I tend to over-analyze and overthink everything and that’s where my inspiration comes from.”

Marin, you are doing all the instruments in the album. What did you start with and how did you grow into picking up other instruments?

Marin: “I’ve been playing guitar since I was seven years old. It is my main instrument, so the basis of our music is guitar driven. Also, with time I learned some basics of other instruments so I decided to put it all together by myself.”

Can you tell us a bit more about your musical backgrounds, have you been in other bands?

Marin: “We both had some local bands and project, which have nothing to do with metal genre. I played in a rock band a long time ago and Kate sang in a jazz band a couple of years ago. Over time we realized we wanted to dedicate our time to the music we’ve both loved the genre since we were teenagers. We wanted to get away from cover bands and make our own story.”

“Years Of Heaven” was released as a single, could you tell us how this song came together?

Katarina: “yes, it was the first single we released. The process of making music mostly starts with Marin working on the tune for a while. When we are sure that the melody is a complete and rounded, I write the lyrics. The same process happened with Years of Heaven. We thought our first single should be a kind of “summary” of our sound, and in this song, we found just that.”


If we are looking at “Mother” we hear a lot of darkness, what can you tell us about this track?

Katarina: “It is very melancholic, a bit slower song. It is inspired by war chaos and trauma that goes with it. The music is a bit contrasting. At the beginning, the acoustic parts dominate and it ends up a bit epic, which depicts life before and after the war.”

Which of the songs feels most personal to you and why?

Marin: “Mother” for me, because war experience is familiar to us in Balkans.

Katarina: “It is really hard to decide, among all of them. I’ll go with “Midnight sun”. It’s very slow, melancholic and doomy. It has nostalgia and written all over it.”

How do you see future live events shaping up? Do you have plans on how/or to expand on the two of you and is there anything coming ahead?

Marin: “Unfortunately, I don’t see it brighter in the nearer future situation with coronavirus is not getting better. I would say that it is almost impossible to plan any live concert, at least for now. Of course, we want to perform live, but until the conditions for that are met, we will continue to release new material as duo.”

Would you consider doing a livestream while the pandemic is still torturing us music fans?
Marin: “At the moment, no. We would love to, but since we don’t have a whole band we have no intention of bringing together musicians just for that occasion. We certainly hope you can hear us at some club as soon as possible.”

Thanks a lot for answering these questions, I wish you all the best for 2022!

Katarina: “Thank you for this lovely interview, I really enjoyed it. Best wishes to you, too!
Marin: It is been a pleasure talking to you. Stay healthy, heavy and safe. Cheers!”