23 September 2023

Fischer-z – Til the oceans overflow

Releasedate:   08-10-2021
Label: So Real

Fischer-Z is releasing a new album and good to know is that it is connected to the album “Red Skies Over Paradise” which released 40 years ago. Says it all, if you have not heard of John Watts before, you seriously missed out.

A connection with music from many years ago makes it even more interesting to hear such a modern side, Fischer-Z takes what you know from them along through the era’s of time. And this exactly gives the new album its purpose.
Sometimes a currently relevant theme, like in album opener “Choose” looks back and you come to a conclusion that in 40 years the urgency is only growing but not much of a difference.
Also the characters Brian and Marliese have returned on this release. Most fun, however, is the track “Waterside”. It brings a smile to my face.

When artists are around for as long as this artist, you often hear that the albums start to repeat themselves, not everyone keeps it at the current time. Fischer-Z has no problems with that and that is exactly why this album is an interesting one. We don’t have to debate it’s quality, the fact that it is so current makes it one to listen to. The references back in time are a smart wink to back then, but don’t expect a remake. That is literally the only thing that could make you disappointed.


  1. Choose
  2. Brian
  3. Romance Can Last Forever
  4. Cuban Rain Falling
  5. Waterside
  6. The Selfish Mirror
  7. Til The Oceans Overflow
  8. Narcissus Took Me Down
  9. Big Orange Sun
  10. Oh Compassion
  11. Dystopia’s Here
  12. A.i.owns.u