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5x New – week 48

“GALDRA” is the brand new single from FAUN featuring Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna). The word Galdra means „to „cast spells in Icelandic and which will take you deep into the world of Nordic myths”. Enjoy the magic!
Here comes the brand new video of Swedish act THE GREAT DISCORD! This is a dark tale indeed, of longing, belonging, of hate, violence and ultimately a loss for everyone.
The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album DEAM MORTE, which will be released March 2022.
“More Than You Can Chew” is the brand new song and video by the multi-talented singer/songwriter MORITZ JAHN, also known from the Netflix show DARK.
The song is from the artist’s upcoming debut album “Soliloquy” out on 01.04.2022 and is about current topics such as the climate change but also a bit of hope and optimism.
These two lonesome dreamers saw their feeling born in a fantastic universe of runes, fairies and incantations, on a large flat rock on the edge of an emerald river.
They live a letter-writing true love, between prose and poems, without even having met.
She calls him “Faun”, he calls her “Shewolf”.
They change lives for each other, and give birth to this musical project.
AMORPHIS — who stands among Northern Europe’s leading dark metal acts, hitting #1 on the Finnish charts five times — has been captivating fans and critics for over thirty years with their melancholic, yet heavy soundscapes. After announcing their upcoming fourteenth studio album, Halo, set for release February 11th, 2022 through Atomic Fire Records last month, the sextet presents the world with the record’s first single, “The Moon.”