29 January 2023
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5x New – week 43

Hot on the heels of the release of the audio version, Canadian hard rockers SHOT DOWN TWICE have now released their song “Talk To Me” as a video! 

The band comments: 

“This our first single and our new, powerful, anthem style song. We feel this song shows that we are loud, wild, and wickedly angry. Take a listen, sing along… if you dare!”
The band commented: 

“Vero Beach, our trans rights anthem, elevates voices of the LGBTQI+ community who have been silenced and rejected by the evil that lurks in our oppressive society. We choose to listen to and elevate the voices of the oppressed individuals who otherwise would not have a chance to speak up for themselves. We stand in solidarity with them and are prepared to get as loud as we need to oppose the oppressor. There’s a section in the lyrics that read “I keep watching images flash before my eyes. Without an answer I ask myself, “What the hell is on tonight”?” – this translates to the act of intaking news and media depicting LGBTQI+, people of color, and other marginalized groups being brutalized and murdered by police and the powers that be. It’s a sickening feeling to hear about these awful things happening but is oh so real for those who experience it first hand, and as allies and members of this community we are obligated to stand alongside them until true peace is achieved or it kills us.”

Arjen has this to say about the track: “This 10-minute epic is the first video clip/single of the new Star One album Revel in Time. The lyrics are inspired by the movie Interstellar. This is a slightly different version than on the CD. On CD1 Roy Khan sings the lead vocals and on CD2 Tony Martin sings the lead vocals. For this YouTube version I combined their voices. Both such great singers, I just couldn’t choose! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your attention!”
Guitar mastermind Herman Frank recently commented: “An infinitely exciting and turbulent journey makes a stopover with the new Victory album ‘Gods Of Tomorrow’. But the whole story is far from being told yet…“ Fans of the band will be excited to hear that, as the legend of VICTORY continues.
And it’s unquestionable, Gods of Tomorrow will prove they still own their place at the top of the best hard rock bands of all time!
This new DOUBLE album marks a major shift towards a highly progressive direction with founder Riz Story performing all instrumentation in a rare display of virtuosity, as well as producing, mixing and mastering. Featuring a guest lead vocal appearance by YES vocalist (and former ANYONE member) Jon Davison on the song “Misanthropist.” BILLBOARD MAGAZINE said, “ANYONE has invented a new breed of rock, quite literally.”