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Taken from the album “The Nightmare Of Being”, out July 2nd, 2021
“Tread Light”, the third single from Khroma’s forthcoming third album “Ex Nihilo”, sends the listener to the core of the band’s renewed yet recognizable sound. With super-low-tuned groove patterns, drum’n’bass beats, and introverted yet forceful rhymes, “Tread Light” sees the Helsinki-based Khroma once again reinvent their self-proclaimed electronic alternative metal sound.
The band comments on the new album and track: “‘Storm Aglow’ was the last song we wrote for the album. It is one of the tougher songs on the album to play due to the journey of the melodic structure. One that was very much influenced by Bach Preludes and classical works that employ similar concepts. This song was one of the most rewarding ones to nail during the writing and rehearsing period of the album. When we got it right we played it over and over again just because of how good and fun it felt to play – a very cathartic track to crack. We’re super proud of this one.
LEPROUS vocalist/keyboardist Einar Solberg commented about “Running Low”:
The initial idea for ‘Running Low’ started when I had decided to force myself to write a sketch on my phone on a way up to a mountain top called ‘Himingen’ in Telemark, Norway. It felt completely pointless while I was doing it, but when I came back, I was able to go further with it and actually structure it into a proper composition. Then we met up in Cederberg Studios together with the band to take it even further. This song is a proof that even the smallest sparks can turn into a big flame. Despite being a band who always wants to explore new territories, I believe ‘Running Low’ can easily unite both our old and new fan base.
Isle was self-released on May 15. The album is streaming in its entirety on Bandcamp.