26 November 2022

Feskarn – Raven’s Way

Label: Vegvisir Distribution
Releasedate: 05-02-2021


Feskarn is a folk/pagan/viking Metal solo band from Sweden. The band was formed in 2010. The latest and the third full-length album “Raven’s Way” is out now.


“Raven’s Way” comes with 14 songs, and has a bit of everything. The start of the album has a surprising twist with those electro elements, which makes sense considering the mastermind of the band used to compose electronic music before Feskarn. However, after a few songs, and especially starting with “Sigur”, we get to the essence of the band’s sound with that mix of viking/folk/pagan elements. Upon listening to these songs, some famous names such as Finntroll, Summoning, Wardruna, Heidevolk or Heilung will come to mind. The folk-ish songs like “Sigur”, “Golden Age” and “Vaegen Framaat” are quite impressive and will be that ear candy for the lovers of this music.

One highlight I liked in this record is the diversity it brings. This can be in the form of interesting or exotic melodies (“War” , “Raven’s Way”) but also growls which bring that ‘black metal’ side of Feskarn, which is not featured in some songs. The songs are also in the perfect ‘length’; nothing is overdone or elongated.

Well… then is this record the perfection? I wouldn’t say so. Surely it is fun to listen to and brought me back to my pagan metal madness times. However, it is not a unique record and you will surely hear familiar melodies here and there. Secondly, as much as I enjoyed the diversity and different elements, it is a bit all over the place so the integrity and the production could be some aspects that Feskarn can work on. The ideas and melodies are definitely there and what would make this sound stand out would be to make it flow more easily with songs that fit each other.

“Raven’s Way” could be nice album for the ones who like viking/pagan/folk metal with some twists. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

01. Raven’s Way
02. Broken World
03. Sigur
04. Vaegen Framaat
05. Parasite
06. War
07. Relics from the Past
08. Livets Tid
09. Golden Age
10. Strong From Nature
11. Destroyed
12. Yggdrasil
13. The Frost of the Fallen
14. Ein Bier