27 November 2021

Various Artists – Dirt (Redux)

Label: Magnetic Eye Records
Release date: 18.09.2020

In celebrating the legendary grunge album “Dirt“s 28th anniversary in 2020, doom/stoner independent label Magnetic Eye Records released a fantastic Alice In Chains tribute album called “Dirt-Redux” recorded by the label’s various recording artists.


It’s amazing to see how the Grunge era still influences today’s world all the way from clothing/style and to both the popular and metal music scene today. And needless to say, Alice in Chains was the heaviest, most metal band of the era. Being one of – or even my most favorite band of all time, it feels great to see the band is still commended as one of the most influential bands ever. Still making music and releasing dope albums sadly without Staley, AIC made their biggest impact during the 90’s with their 3 albums and the most gut-wrenching MTV unplugged session ever recorded to date. Even though their debut “Facelift” created their fanbase around the world, they set themselves as one of the 4 biggest grunge bands with their sophomore record; “Dirt”.

Magnetic Eye Records prides themselves on representing talented doom, sludge, stoner and experimental metal artists. After releasing a Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” tribute album last year, this year to my and many other grunge and doom fans’ pleasure, they decided to do a 180 with the choice of Alice In Chains.

12 various bands covered a track in the record. They each did their take very originally and with authenticity but also stayed loyal to their source material.

Call me close-minded but my favorites off the record ended up being the ones that are the most loyal to the original songs. Such as High Priest‘s Rain When I Die, Somnuri‘s title track Dirt, slow and heavy as f*ck Down In A Whole by Khemmis and finally Backwoods Payback’s God Smack. Them Bones by Thou kicks the album off with the right vibe. I understand the recording artists are of the obscure psychedelic doom genre but the most distant vibing tracks for me ended up being Dam That River rendition by Low Flying Hawks and Angry Chair by Vokonis with the unnerving unmelodic vocals. Rooster ‘s complete uptempo stoner alteration by Howling Giants (great stoner band names on this record 🙂 sounds right to my ears though. Vocals sound almost straight from the psychedelic era of Sabbath. The closing track Would? is soo fittingly downtempo and sludgy that I immediately followed The Otolith both on Spotify and Instagram. This is a version of Would? that I didn’t know I needed in my life.

This is such a versatile cover album by a dozen of crazy talented and creative artists and a record that I’m sure I will go back to repeatedly time after time. Much recommended to the fans of both doom metal and the one and only undying Grunge.

Various Artists – Dirt (Redux)


  1. Thou- Them Bones
  2. Low Flying Hawks -Dam That River
  3. High Priest – Rain When I Die
  4. Khemmis – Down In A Hole
  5. These Beasts – Sickman
  6. Howling Giant – Rooster
  7. Forming The Void – Junkhead
  8. Somnuri – Dirt
  9. Backwoods Payback – God Smack
  10. Black Electric – Iron Gland
  11. -(16)- Hate To Feel
  12. Vokonis – Angry Chair
  13. The Otolith – Would?