09-03-2008 Emergenza Frankfurt

Date: 09-03-2008, venue: Nachtleben, Frankfurt (Germany)
By: Nina Mende

  It was one of the best if not the best Emergenza show I have ever been to. All
  bands were really good and I didn’t really feel very well knowing that
  4 of them would not take part at the next round. They all would have deserved
  it, but hey, that’s the rules of Emergenza.

  The first band was a metal core band called Scream of the Abyss. Although they
  were opener of the night and there weren’t too many people in the beginning
  the Nachtleben was filling up quickly and many people started rocking in front
  of the stage. There were even some girls banging and almost moshing around.
  The singer went down to the audience and performed there for a while as well.
  There was a nice interaction between band and audience going on. Scream of the
  Abyss did great as opener and warmed up the audience, so they really deserved
  being fourth best of the night and the chance to enter the next round!!! A great
  band even I voted for although I don’t really like metal too much.

  The next band was Blash, an alternative rock band, a band with a somewhat unique
  sound. Somehow it sounded mainstream, yet it not quite… really interesting.
  The guys knew how to rock the stage and the audience; unfortunately they didn’t
  enter the next round though.

  Acoustic Pollution was the youngest band of the night but convinced with their
  strong sound. Reminding of Nickleback and Puddle of Mudd this band was getting
  the audience’s votes with their great performance. Another great thing
  the band did was the sitting mosh pit! Yes, you heard right, sitting! We all
  had to sit on the floor for one song and mosh sitting. It worked out quite well,
  was different from everything I have seen before and it was fun, which was most
  important. Unfortunately they didn’t enter the next round either, but they
  were good, and if they keep on going I am sure we will see them around.

  Now Alte Schule was up. A German rock band á la Die Ärzte. They
  rocked the house in German and brought quite some fans and friends. The drummer
  had an interesting hairstyle, blond hair but there was something brown in it.
  Was it a symbol? A letter? I couldn’t figure it out and didn’t really
  feel like asking either. The singer and guitar player reminded me of Caleb Hydra
  or some styles of Matthau Mikojan (both are Finnish musicians). But that didn’t
  make me vote for them, it was their great sound and the ass-kicking performance
  of them. Therefore they deserved the first place of the night.

  Project RSK brought many loud fans as well. Yeah, loud they were, very loud.
  Project RSK is alternative rock. The band is in the exam phase right now, and
  it seemed like they brought all their classmates. They rocked their 30 minutes
  and their friends and fans, and even others out of the audience voted them second
  of the night.

  Now The Twisted Strings were up. If I think back on that evening, I guess I
  can say they were my favorites of the night. They acted quite professional on
  stage, they were dressed up in checkers. The Twisted Strings knew how to interact
  with audience and reminded a little bit of Billy Talent. The audience loved
  them. For about a minute they played their one cover song, it was Backstreet
  Boys… Somehow really everybody could sing along. Even the metal heads got
  caught in the act. For their last song they handed out sparklers to everybody
  in the audience. Very neat. Somehow they ended up “only” on third

  Next band was up, it was Schaffrath. The singer was running around with a scythe
  and reminded me of bands such as Schandmaul, Subway to Sally, etc. They had
  a female guitar player. The venue was getting empty now though, because it was
  a Sunday evening and many, if not all of us, had to get up early the next morning.

  Last band of the night was Odium, a metal band that somehow reminded me of
  Metallica. They rocked the stage and ended this night of Emergenza.  Now I am looking forward to the next Emergenza.

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