23 September 2023

28-06-2019 Tuska Afterparty show

Location: Virgin Oil, Helsinki (Finland)

While we are working on the huge Tuska report covering over 40 bands we will give a bit of a teaser of what has been going on, because Tuska also has afterparties. And those afterparties can be quite notorious, seeing acts that are about to grow big.

This year we made it to Virgin Oil, where three bands would play. As we could not run away of the festival’s headliner we were unable to see the first one play, but the second band was quite something. Misterer is a formation that makes Thrash Metal and has members that have been known from several other acts.

Something that is not too common is that Mikko Herranen is taking care fo both drum and vocalduties. We think of acts like The 11th Hour (Ed Warby) or Absu (Proscriptor) who have been doing that. Requires some energy but during the set we were watching we never felt the energy was draining from it, the vehemence remains with it and that keeps the show active. The band’s guitarists are there helping with that as well, but are not so much in the foreground at all.

While there is some money to be distributed in the audience in a support of their songs the audience went wild for it, they came upfront, some moshing started and although Virgin Oil was not sold out the guys got a good response here. Interesting to watch!

Also playing this evening is the band Oceanhoarse. Some familiar faces are around, One may remember Amoral disbanded and Oceanhoarse is a new project that came out of that. The band had a good start but got a bit of a kickback when their vocalist announced that due to health reasons he had to stop. Luckily the band found a new vocalist and now they are back on track. This night they released a brand new single called “Feed The Sirens” which got of course a honourable place in their setlist of the night. A Heavy Metal tune with quite some speedy guitarriffs that lead you into the more classic sound combined with a 2019 feel.

The band aims big, a high riser for their drummer, a mighty throne that overlooks all and some steps everywhere for the bandmembers to jump upon and show their skills to the audience. Virgin Oil’s stage is large enough for it, but surely makes one wonder how it looks in a smaller place. They seem ambitious enough to be able to attend these larger stages more.
As a whole the guys are in that growing stage, seeking eachother in where their range goes. Playful to watch and leaves us saying one should keep an eye on them.

For the Tuska visitors there is plenty to see and those who can’t get enough will always get their joy in these afterparties and tonight was not any different. A good show where we saw to acts one may see on Tuska in a few years.


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