26 November 2022

Horrorpops – 12/02/2008

Kim Nekroman & Patricia Day
By: Nina Mende

– How was your Christmas and New Years Eve?

Kim Nekroman: “It was great thanks. Very cosy and quiet together with family and friends.

When being off tour, crazy partying is not the first thing you wanna do.”

– Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs?

Kim Nekroman: “From everyday life, from movies, from dreams and nightmares and
from life on the road. Meeting many new people everyday in a great inspiration.”

– With having so many international fans around, do you still have contact with fans who already know you from the start? Do you enjoy talking with your fans?

Kim Nekroman: “Yes indeed and of course we enjoy talking to our fans. It is
after all because of them we are able to keep doing what we do. Of course we
cannot know every single one personally but there is a good amount of examples
to fans has become our very good friends.”

– You seem to be more popular in the US than in Europe, why would you say it is that way?

Kim Nekroman: “We are?? I don’t know how to measure popularity in US vs

Well we are on a US based label and fact is that 90% of the labels sales are
in the US. ”

– Do you have some funny backstage stories to share with us?

Kim Nekroman: “What happens on the road, stay’s on the road”;p

– What was your worst / best fan(atic) experience?

Kim Nekroman: “I cant really think of any bad experiences when it comes to fans.
We often receive messages or meet fans that tell us how they managed to go through
hard times in their lives because of our music. That is one of the ultimate
compliments you can get and is very motivating.”

– You’re living in the USA now, right? Why did you decide to leave Copenhagen? Do you miss anything? What do you like most about living in the USA?

Kim Nekroman: “Apart from family and friends we don’t really miss too much.
Our label Hellcat/Epitaph Records is located in Los Angeles and being close
to the label makes a lot of things easier. Most of our touring is in the US
so its convenient to be here.”

– You toured with many big bands like Danzig, The Offspring, Rancid and so on, and even played at Warped tour. But are there still some bands you would love to tour with?

Kim Nekroman: “We are always into touring with great bands. We never had a wish
list but has been very fortunate and are honored when big bands like the above
mentioned invites us out on the road with them. We would tour with any band
that rocks…”

– How would you define “success”? What does success mean to you?

Kim Nekroman: “Hmm…”success” would be in the mind of the beholder
I guess. It would be to some degree of success if you achieved or partly achieved
your goals and ambitions.”

– Do you have any other bands or side projects?

Kim Nekroman: “Playing CoffinBass and singing in Nekromantix makes me the only
one in HorrorPops with other band duties.”

– You will play at Satanic Stomp Festival in Lichtenfels in Germany this April, do you have any tour plans or festival plans besides that?

Kim Nekroman: “We are headed out on a 2 months long tour across the US including
“South by Southwest in Austin”, starting when the new album is released
in the US on Feb 5. The Satanic Stomp Festival will be a one off European show.
We will also be playing all Warped tour dates this year.”

– Patricia, times have changed, and more and more females seem to front bands, but you were one of the first if not THE first. How do you feel about that? Any words of encouragement for all the females out there?

Patricia Day: “I know I was not the first, at all! but I understand the essence
of your question. Yes, when I started playing in bands it felt like I was the
only one with tits (hehe), but I think a lot of girls playing probably still
feel like that today. It’s true that more girls front bands today, but that’s
only a little part of the music industry, there’s still not a lot of female
engineers, producers etc. When more girls get accepted in to all parts of the
musical industry, that’s when we’re going to see and feel some changes. 

As far as words of encouragement goes; It doesn’t matter what gender you are,
just stick to your guns and believe in what you do, no matter what.”

– I am always amazed and totally impressed by the stand-up players, but I always wonder why and how people learn it. Why did you learn it? And how? Is it hard?

Kim Nekroman: “Patricia was taught by me. When we started the band we decided
to change instruments in order to approach songwriting from a different angle.
She taught me to play the guitar. 

Haha everything seems hard when you can’t do it but as soon as you learn its easy.”

– Anything else you would like to say to our readers and your fans?

Kim Nekroman: “A big thank you for the support and again if it wasn’t for
the fans, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.”

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