23 September 2023

Nameless Day Ritual – 12-03-2016

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After reviewing the album “Birth”, we have emailed the band some questions about this release. Asya took the time to answer these.

What can you tell me about the creating process of “Birth”?
The process turned out to be quite time consuming actually.
NDR started off as two tracks and stayed there for some time, not due to luck of inspiration or something, it just took some time for us to realize what we have and how to approach the story path we wanted to follow.

If you look at the recording process what took the most time?
Nothing in particular, but we did took our time with this record. I mean we had the luxury of time and every musician knows that this is a crucial factor. Especially when creating something conceptual, it is really surreal moment, because you kind of have the whole picture in your head, but still there is so much detail to look in to. It’s all in the details after all.

What do you consider to be the key factor of the album? Something that binds all together?
Existence is what binds all together, it follows the story of one’s existence through all stages.

The lyrics often feel personal? Is that were inspiration comes from, or do you draw from other things?
It’s all personal, there was a moment we stopped and thought about “ is this conveyable at all?!” I do believe that one must stand for what he recognizes as his…let say…his own way. I think that this was our way of processing it all, to stream it out to you guys 

Where are the surprises in this album to people who have known your music longest?
No one knows us before as NDR, this is our first record. We’ve never had any live shows as Nameless Day Ritual before this album. This doesn’t mean that we weren’t or aren’t musicians outside NDR of course. All aboard are quite experienced actually. We didn’t have an audience as Nameless Day Ritual before our debut on stage, supporting Karnivool (Australia) in 2015.

When listening to the album the title song “I” jumped out. Can you tell where that song comes from?
“I” is how we see teenage years, where you’re the biggest and the best! Were you take on risks and hopefully they pay off. “I” stands for the arrogance of youth generally. I personally think that it’s somehow bold and that’s why it’s so catchy.

You are aiming internationally with the release of this album, what are your expectations of how your music will do in other countries?
We hope for the best , but we’re not aiming at something in particular. Building an audience and maybe being on stage as often as possible, because this means more moments with our fans and this is what every artist aims at.

What is to expect next from Nameless Day Ritual?
Well, we’ll definitely see you around Europe. Right now, were just at the start of making our way through European metal scene. For now, you can come and see us life on 28 of July! We’re playing on the second stage of Metal Days festival in Slovenia.
As for what comes next from us as artists, we’re already working on our next title, but I’m not giving anything away…

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