Peter Pan Speedrock – Pursuit under Capture

Release date: 08-10-2007, Label: People Like You Records
By: Nina Mende

  Loud, mean, fast & dirty! There is really no better way to describe this
  speedrock-trio from Holland. With their brandnew album Pursuit Until Capture
  in the pocket, the band is ready for another dose of sheer rock ‘n roll – both
  on CD as on stage. Recorded with Tomas Skogsberg in his studio in (just like
  the previous album Spread Eagle that was released in May 2005), this new album
  is filled with pure and honest rock: rock ‘n roll, hardrock, rockabilly and

  Their seventh album “Pursuit Until Capture” is quite fast and the
  vocals sound slightly aggressive, it rocks and kicks the listeners ass. The
  music makes you hyper, wanting to jump around, shout and mosh. It’s great party
  music, very motivating and positive. Many of the songs are easy to sing along
  and therefore perfect to shout along. The description speedrock fits the music
  quite well, especially the song “S.O.B.S.O.S.” is quite fast and aggressive.
  The beginning of the song “Pursuit Until Capture” is quite slow and
  somehow romantic, but turns into the usual speedrock quite soon.

  1. Speedfreak Blitzkrieg
  2. (Hangin`With The) Wrong Crowd
  3. Evil Sweet Thing
  4. You Do It Or You Don’t
  5. Bottle-O-Dope
  6. Cool-School Drop-Out
  7. S.O.B.S.O.S.
  8. Pursuit Until Capture
  9. Gimme Some
  10. Straight Back To Hormoneville
  11. Heatseeker
  12. Dopefiend
  13. Sick Boy  


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