Label: My Kingdom Music
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 29-05-2017
Område is an avant garde project and about their background they simply tell: ‘This project includes musicians of an unknown country’.A first release called: “Edari” came out in 2015 and anno 2017 a new release, “Nåde”, comes out.

Much impressed we were with their first album, the new album is a rather different experience though. “Nåde” starts off a bit strange, it is not dragging you into there right away, but it’s trippy. Calm and a slight bit eerie. The vocals are a bit strange though. Quite light and something you have to ge tused to, but the best thing about them is that there is much variation, a range used wisely and giving you different ways to experiment the sound.
The longer you listen to the album, the more you feel what way they want to go with their sound and do you feel the whole coming together, it takes a bit of persistence for a new listener, to keep going with the band. The industrial elements in the music often make it darker and with that they seem to find a genre that would suit them a lot if they explore it further. Yet the album is more than that. A genre blend that makes the ambiance, the industrial and the story come out in an interesting way.

So, it will take you some time to experience “Nåde” to its fullest. Time you could surely risk to invest as there is much to gain. Not something you hear every day and maybe ot something you will listen every day. Let’s see it as the luxury you allow yourself every once and while, when you take it at last you will enjoy it to the max.

Omrade 1. Malum
2. XII
3. Enter
4. Hänelle
5. Styrking Leið
6. The Same For The Worst
7. Baldar Jainko
8. Falaich


09 June 2017