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AFFECTION – Thousand Mirrors

Instead of decomposing in the graveyard of the genre-locked metal acts, Affection has crown to create a unique and diversified sound of their own. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland since 2013, this power engine keeps blazing by combining the strengths and different backgrounds of each member of the band, including flavours from metal and hard rock all the way to the vibes of punk & hardcore. Does it work? Yes it does. Hear it for yourself.

All the elements have come together naturally with a certain depth and relentless attitude. “While our upcoming album consists of quite a wide range of various ingredients, they all have their places in there. The backbone of our music hasn’t changed either. There are melodies and energy that tell you something meaningful, not to mention the lyrics“, vocalist Andy H.C. sums up.

The Self-Titled debut EP was released back in 2014. Soon after there were changes in the line-up when Ollie (guitar) and Rick (bass) joined in. This pushed the band to a totally new level, and in 2015 Affection was ready for the road. There were a dozen of gigs and soon the band came to be known for their energetic and explosive live shows.

In 2016 it was time to concentrate on the new material. The band took also a huge step forward by building up a studio environment to self-produce their upcoming records. Things got set up, and now in March 2017 Affection is releasing their new single “Thousand Mirrors” with music video. The full-length album is also on its way, and will be released later this year.

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There have been rumors of major line-up changes within Ghost ever since the end of last year and although there is still no official information, the Ghost fans were shocked and maybe surprised upon hearing/reading/seeing the news from last week..

Meet the Swedish musician Martin Persner, who is known for his work with Tid and Magna Carta Cartel. You may have not heard these bands before but you have surely heard the nameless ghoul Omega, Quintessence or Aether. Well… in a video that was released last week, he opens up and reveals his identity in which he ‘claims’ to be Omega. Furthermore, he makes it clear that he is no longer in Ghost anymore since July 2016… so an era has definitely come to an end for Ghost as we won’t see Omega on stage anymore.

Another interesting piece of news Mr. Persner announces is the revival of his band MCC as well as release of “Sway”, which was basically a demo that was leaked to YouTube years ago, which is the good news after the ‘bad news’! The band has re-recorded “Sway” and an official video has been released recently. Check it out below!

For more information, check out the links below:

MCC Facebook
MCC Official


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Prepare for the northern blitzkrieg! Polish death metal commanders VADER are returning to Finland this May with brothers-in-arms DECAPITATED, for three nights of merciless onslaught.

The titanic force that is Vader will descend upon Finland for their first club gigs since 2008! Having started their career in 1983 – the same year as other death metal pioneers such as Death and Possessed – Vader has been a consistent and influential part of extreme metal history, churning out numerous classics and propagating their message of war with unwavering determination. Late 2016 saw the crushing release of their 13th full-length “The Empire,” placing them in optimal condition to conquer the Northern territories this May!

Despite being active since 1996 and touring profusely, the legendary Decapitated have somehow managed thus far to elude Finnish soil, but no longer! Straight outta Krosno, Decapitated already started blowing minds with their 2000 debut “Winds of Creation,” which boasted youthful speed and ferocity, and a keen and masterful technical proficiency. Since then, these shredders have taken tech death to a far more personal and innovative place, incorporating groove, inherent melodicism and tormented emotion.

Touring alongside Vader and Decapitated and completing the Polish triumvirate is Thy Disease from Krakow, offering an invigorating injection of industrial into their death metal dose.

The Finnish leg of the Crushing the North tour is presented by Helsinki-based Elektrik Products in association with Enslain Magazine

14.5. Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo
15.5. Tampere, Klubi
16.5. Helsinki, Nosturi

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After a six year hiatus, the hunters of the apocalypse have regrouped. Ajattara, the most dangerous black metal outfit in Finland, a title given by the audience, is back stronger than ever. ’Lupaus’ (‘The Promise’), Ajattara’s ninth studio album will be released on 12th of May 2017 by the Finnish label Svart Records. The album will be available in CD-format and a double vinyl is also released, including three bonus tracks.

The album was recorded in Casa de la Musica studios at the Andalucian mountains in the small town of Àlora in Spain. The rough, barren scenery has been conveyed into this personal, raw piece of art. A requiem for the devil, like an ode to man’s deepest losses and sufferings. These nine deeply deprived and creeping songs are Ajattara at its best and its worst. And that’s a promise.


Tohtori Kuolio
Malakias VI

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