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Alongside some protests in Cologne, Anti-Flag is playing a free show on Sunday, 23 April, at Heumarkt in Cologne to join the protests:


More info here:

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Amphi 2017
Amphi Festival
Starts: 22-07-2017
Ends: 23-07-2017

As on 22. & 23. July 2017 more than 12.000 members of the goth-scene from all over the world flock again to Tanzbrunnen Cologne, the Amphi Festival opens its portals for the thirteenth time. Successing last summer´s highly acclaimed return to its long-term venue and being awarded a silver star for its first decade of collaboration with the Tanzbrunnen, Amphi Festival 2017 content-wise spans a bridge between tradition and modern zeitgeist.

Taken as a whole, a wealth of 42 bands wait to please the crowd with magnificent shows, including the two thrilling headliners VNV NATION and EISBRECHER, both behemoths of live-entertainment and yet so different. Electronic enthusiasts will equally be served as the fans of chunky riffs! Outright the same goes for the rest of the programme, which, among many more, hauls the deeply rooted British goth-rock instance FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM to Cologne. Leading acts like APOPTYGMA BERZERK, COMBICHRIST, HOCICO, DIARY OF DREAMS, LORD OF THE LOST and EBM- / industrial rock pioneers DIE KRUPPS herald of what might be regarded as the strongest Amphi line-up yet.

Concurrently the promoters focus on expanding the festival’s future legacy. More than one third of the programme consists of bands and projects to make their first Amphi appearance in 2017. Among them Swedish synthpop shooting stars KITE, epic-electronic rockers LEGEND from Iceland, British postrockers ESBEN & THE WITCH and dreampop formation BOX & THE TWINS from Cologne, who take the honor of opening the stage at MS RheinEnergie on Saturday afternoon. Only introduced last year, the KD fleet’s flagship becomes Amphi Festival’s swimming venue again, ranking to the phalanx of Tanzbrunnen’s open-air stage and the Theater am Tanzbrunnen, ready to provide various concerts (indoor), a well-praised gastronomical offer and the enjoyable lavish sun deck as the picturesque chill-out area in front of the historic city panorama.

Of course a successful Amphi Festival won’t miss out on the fabulous beach club “km 689”, nor the mead lounge, located at the center fountain construction. Festival guests may also look foward to a wealth of assorted merchants, autograph sessions with the stars and after-show parties.

Amphi Festival

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Wave Gothik Treffen
Starts: 02-06-2017
Ends: 05-06-2017
Leipzig, Sachsen

Wave Gothik Treffen is less than two months away, so let’s give you an update on the line-up. So far confirmed are the following bands:
13th Monkey (D)
Aeon Sable (D)
Ah Cama-Sotz (B)
Ah! Kosmos (TR)
Alcest (F)
Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) & Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) (USA/NL)
Amorphis (FIN)
Andi Sexgang (GB) Akustikkonzert
Andyra (D)
Angels & Agony (NL)
Annwn (D)
Autodafeh (S)
Azar Swan (USA)
B-Movie (GB)
Besides (PL)
Black Nail Cabaret (H)
Bleib Modern (D)
Bloody, Dead & Sexy (D)
Cabaret Voltaire (GB) exclusive show in Germany 2017
Cephalgy (D)
Chemical Sweet Kid (F)
Corde Oblique (I)
Cryo (S)
Cuelebre (E)
Da-Sein (E) world premiere
Decoded Feedback (CDN)
Der Blaue Reiter (E)
Der Fluch (D)
Desperate Journalist (GB)
Die Selektion (D)
Drab Majesty (USA)
Eden (AUS) Europe-Premiere
Eisfabrik (D)
Emma Ruth Rundle (USA)
Empusae (B)
Equilibrium (D)
Erdling (D)
Esben And The Witch (GB)
Fïx8:Sëd8 (D)
Finsterforst (D)
Folk Noir (D/NL)
Frankenstein (USA)
Funker Vogt (D) exclusive show in Germany 2017
Hamferð (FO)
Hautville (I)
Hørd (F)
Herbst In Peking (D)
Hexperos (I)
Iamtheshadow (P)
Ianva (I)
Illuminate (D)
In the Woods… (N)
Iszoloscope (CDN)
Jarboe (USA) exclusive acoustic show
Johnny Deathshadow (D)
Klangstabil (D)
Klez.e (D)
Klimt1918 (I)
Landscape Body Machine (CDN)
Larrnakh (H)
Lebanon Hanover (GB)
Lucifer’s Aid (S)
Machine De Beauvoir (D)
Masquerade (FIN)
MGT & Friends (GB)
Mlada Fronta (F)
Moon Far Away (RUS)
Nachtblut (D)
Nikolas Schreck (USA)
Noisuf-X (D)
Novakill (AUS)
Nox Interna (D)
Odroerir (D)
Ohm (CDN)
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (S)
Peter Bjärgö (S)
Peter Heppner (D)
Pouppée Fabrikk (S)
Principia Audiomatica (HR)
Ragnaröek (D)
Red Cell (S)
Red Mecca (S)
Revolting Cocks (USA/B) exclusive show in Germany 2017
Ritual Howls (USA)
Romuvos (LT)
Rotersand (D)
RRoyce (D)
S.P.O.C.K (S)
Saigon Blue Rain (F)
Sündenrausch (D)
Scary Bitches (GB)
Schneewittchen (D)
Sex Gang Children (GB)
She Past Away (TR)
Shireen (NL)
Sinistro (P)
Sixth June (SRB)
Skinny Puppy (CDN) exclusive show in Germany 2017
Soviet Soviet (I)
Suicide Commando (B)
Superikone (D)
Sylvaine (N)
Sylvgheist Maëlström (F)
Tanzwut (D)
Technique (BR)
The 69 Eyes (FIN)
The Agnes Circle (GB)
The Creepshow (CDN)
The Devil And The Universe (A)
The Mission (GB)
The Pussybats (D)
This Morn’ Omina (B)
Thrudvangar (D)
Unlight (D)
V2A (D/GB)
Vain Warr (USA) former Blacklist
Varg (D)
Virgin In Veil (FIN)
VNV Nation (IRL/GB)
Vogelfrey (D)
Wednesday 13 (USA)
Whispering Sons (B)
Wires & Lights (D)
Xandria (D)

This is not the complete lineup yet. So keep checking back to see the changes.

Wave Gothik Treffen

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The brainchild of Teemu Salo and Toni Viholainen, Ten After Dawn was born from the need to kill off their stereotypical “rock band” roots, even if they didn’t realise this at the time. It was 2009 when the duo finally had less musical commitments in other areas and an industrial version of the band began. Without the limitations of being in a particular genre, the band developed their sound through playing live shows and eventually the dark electro-pop their fans know today was born.

In 2014 the band made an enforced decision that would change their sound forever. The drummer was sick and they had possibly their biggest show yet (supporting German electro egends, Solar Fake) in Helsinki. The decision was made to play the show anyway, and with
only 3 days to program drums and make the show fully electronic it was a success. This show led to several more collaborations with Solar Fake too, with each band giving the other the remix treatment during the last year and playing more shows togethers including a first and well received trip to Russia.

The Ten After Dawn songs on Best of Both Words are performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Teemu at his home studio in Helsinki with the exception of Melody which was mixed mainly at the Finnvox studios by Daniel Hagström. Toni has input to the tracks at various stages and often comes up with a riff or a simple demo which is built up during the recording process. Teemu and Toni have worked together for so many years that often they don’t even need to communicate verbally, having such similar ideas for the direction of a track. Best of Both Words was mastered at Chartmakers East by Henkka Niemistö.

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AFFECTION – Thousand Mirrors

Instead of decomposing in the graveyard of the genre-locked metal acts, Affection has crown to create a unique and diversified sound of their own. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland since 2013, this power engine keeps blazing by combining the strengths and different backgrounds of each member of the band, including flavours from metal and hard rock all the way to the vibes of punk & hardcore. Does it work? Yes it does. Hear it for yourself.

All the elements have come together naturally with a certain depth and relentless attitude. “While our upcoming album consists of quite a wide range of various ingredients, they all have their places in there. The backbone of our music hasn’t changed either. There are melodies and energy that tell you something meaningful, not to mention the lyrics“, vocalist Andy H.C. sums up.

The Self-Titled debut EP was released back in 2014. Soon after there were changes in the line-up when Ollie (guitar) and Rick (bass) joined in. This pushed the band to a totally new level, and in 2015 Affection was ready for the road. There were a dozen of gigs and soon the band came to be known for their energetic and explosive live shows.

In 2016 it was time to concentrate on the new material. The band took also a huge step forward by building up a studio environment to self-produce their upcoming records. Things got set up, and now in March 2017 Affection is releasing their new single “Thousand Mirrors” with music video. The full-length album is also on its way, and will be released later this year.

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