29 January 2023

The Murlocks ‎– Rapscallion

Releasedate:   16-09-2022
Label:  ATO Records

Alternative Rock formation The Murlocs is having their base in Australia. The band is releasing their sixth album called “Rapscallion” right now, it is available now.

“Rapscallion” is following up the band’s last year release “Bittersweet Demons” and if you have been familiar with that release you may be in for a surprise with this new one. The band has taken a more raw approach, giving more space to guitars to shine, having an overall more wild sound. Looking at where that comes from it seems that remote working had a great influence on that.

In their sound you can hear a great deal of psych coming through, a familiar sound but brought with enough of The Murlocs to see their own face into it. Looking at where this album comes out most we look at the track “Virgin Criminal” which has a catchy hook to it, you could see it doing well in charts. “Wickr Man” brought a smile to our face for having a bit of cheek into it.

“Rapscallion” shows a band that can go in different directions and yet return to themselves. No matter whether they go slower putting some emotion into it or heat up vehemence with a more guitardriven track they all make it come together nicely.



  1. Subsidary
  2. Bellarine Ballerina
  3. Living Under A Rock
  4. Bobbing And Weaving
  5. Farewell To Clemency
  6. Comps Mentis
  7. The Royal Vagabond
  8. Virgin Criminal
  9. Bowlegged Beautiful
  10. Wickr Man
  11. The Ballad of Peggy Mae
  12. Growing Pains