23 September 2023

Denied – Humanarchy

Releasedate:   24-06-2022

Denied is Swedish formation making a mix between Heavy metal and Thrash. The band formed in 2003 and are currently releasing their sixth full length album called “Humanarchy” .

The band starts the release with the catchy tracks “Divided” and “Death By A 1000 Cuts” It slightly reminded me to the Finnish Beast in Black. The songs are easy to listen to and have the feel of being great for live shows. When the band is coming to their title track the guys are giving a more vehement sound. Vocals still much upfront and leading you through the song.

“Flesh Made God” is where the band gets on their heaviest side. It suits the band as well as their catchiest tracks. What comes out nicely here is the guitars which have a bit more a spotlight of their own which will please the riff-loving fans. At the end of the album, we find the track “Ties of Blood” with a bit of a haunting start, a strange one at first but eventually becomes a good closer of this release.

Denied shows themselves being diverse, within their genre they can move in either direction and still find ground with a fanbase for the other side as well. “ Humanarchy” is an album that has the potential to be a great one for live so we hope to see the guys hit the road soon.

Line up:

Soren Adamsen – vocals
Andreas Carlsson – Rhythm Guitar
Chris Vowden – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Freddan Thörnblom – Bass Guitar
Markus Kask – Drums


  1. Divided
  2. Death by a 1000 cuts
  3. Humanarchy
  4. Don´t cross that line
  5. Flesh made god
  6. Maintenance of insanity
  7. Ten ton hammer of pain
  8. Ties of blood