Baest – Justitia

Releasedate:   27-05-2022
Label:  Century Media Records

Danish Death Metal formation Baest is active since 2015. Since that they have been releasing a lot of material. Lots of singles, couple of EP’s and some albums. Anno 2022 they have a new EP to show the world. It is called “Justitia” and it is available now.

It is an interesting choice to open a release with a track that has guest vocals. Sven (Aborted) joins in on vocals which gives the EP a vehement start. The addition of him stands well in line with the rest of the songs, so it is a start that does not mislead a new listener. It is not the only guest they have on this EP. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder is also to be heard. A special one, the man recently deceased.

Baest knows how to pick their collaborations. Also their choice of a cover, Entombed A.D’s “Second To None” is one that suits the band well. The songs that are purely Baest are just as remarkable as the ones mentioned before. Closing the EP with an instrumental track they show that with their thundering style they can impress a listener just as much as when having some vocals on there.

“Justitia” is an EP that listens as an album. Full and powerfull, much to hear and enjoy. The songs diverse and strong. A good release from the Danish formation!


Line up:
  • Mattias Melchiorsen – Bass
  • Sebastian Abildsten – Drums
  • Lasse Revsbech – Guitars
  • Svend Karlsson – Guitars
  • Simon Olsen Vocals


  1. Justitia feat. Sven de Caluwe
  2. Ecclesia
  3. Gargoyles feat. Trevor Strnad
  4. Creature
  5. Second to None (Entombed A.D. cover)
  6. Genesis (instrumental version – bonus track)