25 May 2024

29-10-2021 Dark, Avtonom, Svarta Sanningar

Location: Pumphuset, Borås (Sweden)

Shows are slowly starting to happen over Europe and there is some more space to travel as well so we were up for seeing some bands play in Sweden. In the town of Borås some bands would hit the stage. The evening ended being soldout.

The first band on the stage had brought everyone in already. The Gothrock formation Dark has released an EP called “Inside The Void” earlier that your and in our review we stated the thought that the song “The Memories” was one that would be great live. It’s gloominess was indeed a good one as the band started with it and it sets the atmosphere right there. It sparks the interest off the audience and draws people a bit closer to the stage.

Within the set the band varies a bit in energy making it a vibrant show to watch having for example the track “Dark World” halfway where a lot of passion reveals. At the final tracks guitarist Jonas steps forward and plays his part, a joy to watch.

Ending the set with “The End of The World” concludes it all. Them stories with a Dark twist.

Avtonom is rather new to Tempelores, so we are in it open when they hit the stage. A bit of a chaotic punk hype comes in right away. Two ladies are giving the vocals some backup, a touch that gives them something slightly unique.

The way it is implemented in the songs is not quite our cup of tea, but seeing the band later in the set where it seems a bit more structured it comes out better. Also their lead vocalist comes out stronger there.

Looking at their pages they write they want to be ‘free of the tyranny of popular taste’ and that we can underline seeing their show. However, it still would be in much in line with the kind of bands we see in various band contests through the years. Looking for something that sets them apart from that we have not seen it yet, but it seems they simply have joy in what they are doing and that makes up for a lot.

Svarta Sanningar released their EP “Kapital 2” in May this year and as we were enjoying it strongly, we were looking forward to see it live. Melancholy and occult going hand in hand and seeing this live is a next level in the experience. Words are lay down or the audience with the stress in such a way that it almost becomes hypnotic, at least for a non-Swedish speaker like your reporter.

Sometimes it feels a bit like a tease, when they slow it down a bit and yet the passionate way the words are brought are adding another dimension to it.

A diverse set is played where the emotional “Ett Ockult Hospital” jumps out most almost at the end of the night. A responsive audience fills in the rest and altogether it concludes a show that made a good impression on those present.




Svarta Sanningar


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