23 September 2021

Derev – Leap of Faith

Releasedate:  21-05-2021
Label: Self release

Derev is a formation that has been founded some years ago, but due to circumstance not took off until recent. They are making Progressive Rock and are currently releasing an EP called “Leap of Faith”.

Musically they take a heavy approach, while blending rock and metal into their progressive world they have come out with a strong sound that sets the basis. Drums are quite upfront, which sets the mood a bit heavier. This gets even strengthened with the dark vocals. When brought with a bit more power you can feel a song coming through quite well.
Throughout the release you get to see different sides of Derev. Froma quiet “Delayed” where the Middle East background is coming forward nicely, towards the powerful “Futile” where they are giving you a quite various work. Interesting transitions fr4om one part to the other make that the album is sometimes surprising and sometimes smoothly transforming from one to another. A playful way of doing this.

You can hear the band is into acts like Opeth and Soen, you hear the references to these two coming forward quite often. So for fans of these Derev is worth to give a try. With “Leap of Faith” they show us what they have coming and that they are an act to keep in account for future. We hope to hear more of them soon.

Line up:
  • Armando Bablanian – Guitar
  • Liam Horrigan – Bass
  • Michel Karakch – Drums
  1. Delayed
  2. Turab
  3. Slipping Down Again
  4. Futile
  5. Tunnel Vision