SIC – 03-05-2009

Interview with: Eddie Jacobsen
By: Sabine van Gameren

On this wonderful sunny day in early May, I met up with SIC to talk about them. This band is coming from the Faeroe Islands and they were on tour with Hatesphere. My charismatic speech partner is Eddie Jacobsen and as soon as we found a nice spot in the sunlight we started talking about the tour, which is quite far already.

The band is playing their last gig of this part of the tour tonight and it seems like they got quite used to the touring rhythm by now “It’s the same shit everyday; wake up with a hangover, get something to eat, sound check, play etc” Eddie tells me. I can’t really make from the look of his face whether he sees this as a positive thing that he actually likes, or as a point he is sick and tired of. It is to hope for them that it is the first one as there is a second leg coming up. “After this we are going to the UK where we will play about 17 gigs”.
Good, so considering the fact that this band is on the road with the well known Hatesphere, it must be some metal in their style. But what does the band say when the question got drawn to tag theirselves. Eddie replies after only a split second of thinking: “Thrashmetal. But what is Thrash metal nowadays. We like to do music that is aggressive, smacks you in the face.” And besides that he also comes up with their inside joke: “If you can fuck to the music, then it is good music”. which is surely a memorable quote. Thrash comes in different forms though. He does not really have the typical look of an old school thrasher and confronting him with this analyze he can do nothing but confirm it. “No, it has to be more modern as you would describe it to that level. We are not slow, we call it Thrash because it is dirty. A quite wrong interpretation, perhaps.” To mention their influences there was not much more than the stereotype line of bands including Metallica, Pantera, Korn, Slipknot etcetera.

Tonight, many people would see SIC for the very first time. It is always a surprise what to expect from a band that they have not seen before. Curious to find out what SIC will bring this evening Eddie starts by telling me what SIC is about. “We made a joke that SIC means Stupid In Concert” he tells and I realize that someone had drawn that on the walls in the backstage area where all bands have their place to leave some filthy band art for the ones that would be play there later. SIC had a nice band drawing as well, but Eddie can’t tell me who made it. “All the other bands have a good drawer and I can’t draw. But is there a SIC drawing? I haven’t seen it.” So we figured someone else must have drawn it for them. About the actual stage act he tries to stay a bit mystic and abstract at first. “We try to be as aggressive as we possibly can, a lot of head banging going on.” But a little later he tells me what happened on some night before this day. “Last night, someone was playing around with a dildo, we come up with crazy ideas every time. We hope that the people have fun as well” he tells with the shine in his eyes and that’s where we leave the topic to rest.

Their last album dates back to 2007, so what is up for them, are now working on a new one? It seems like the band has quite some structured idea about it already as they tell me they want to record it in September. “we changed the mood of the music a lot. It is still SIC, but the songs are more thought-through. There is way more aggression in it, but still have the melodies. The melodies became somehow the trademark of that first album.” Eddie explains. So September are the recordings of the album scheduled. The band even has an idea of when their fans can expect to get it in their hands Eddie tells: “I hope we can release the album in November”. As I try to make him tell us a bit more about this upcoming record I try to find in what way they expect to release it. A video maybe? Eddie confirms my thoughts about them making a video and tells a bit about the ideas for it: “Most of the songs will be more aggressive. There are actually two songs with catchy choruses people can sing along. We gonna do a video of one of that tracks. We are seeking for a really interesting director from the USA. He have been working with really cool bands. The video might be a little bit of Rammstein-ish. With fire and all that sort of spectacle. Chicks, cars rocking on a stage.. all that sort of elements”.

One thing that got me wondering most was when I passed the mech stand before I went to meet the guys. One of the Tshirts had “SIC Chick” on it and I was wondering if that was how they would name their groupies. “It is like a statement. We made some t shirts with SIC chicks on it. The girls wearing it are really proud to be a SIC chick. They are 14 till 17 years old, it is kinda cute actually” .he tells. Not really convinced of it being just teenies as I saw some larger sized shirts of those as well, I try to find out if it really are just the 14-17 year olds but Eddie sticks to his point “They are a bit young though” but he tells me there will be more merch for the myth of the SIC Chicks to keep alive. “We wanted to make hotpants with that line as well, but we had a tight budget, so maybe next tour.”

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29 May 2009