27 November 2021

Troubled Horse – Step Inside

Releasedate: 05-11-2012; Label: Rise Above Records
By: Milla Smile

Swedish “heavy garage rock” band Troubled horse released their debut album this year.

First of all, what heavy garage exactly means? Probably just renaming all the materials created many years before in heavier shape. Prepare to return in the era of raw 60’s and psychedelic 70’s. The opening track with percussion (tambourine) line and the curiosity is gone. We can hear clatter of horses’ hooves, oh wait, it’s “Bring my horses home” by the band named “Troubled horse”. I should pay your attention on the almost flawless track. This is “Another man’s name” (the longest track on the entire album) which has country motif that makes sound as much positive as possible. The track has several interesting themes also. “As you sow” is the most recognizable track maybe it’s something like garage and punk. “Don’t like” in the rhythm of tango with desert refrain. Just pleasure for ears. Resuming all the notes, there is combination of garage, folk and even psychedelic points.

Troubled Horse isn’t a warhorse but real workhorse what provides some points to give a chance for the band of being heard. “Step inside” is such a nostalgic thing. Seriously, just push “play” button and you’d necessary like it.

01. Tainted water
02. Bring my horses home
03. Sleep in your head slow
04. Another man’s name
05. Fears positive music
06. One step closer to my grave
07. Shirleen
08. As you sow
09. Don’t lie
10. I’ve been losing

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