24 June 2024

30-04-2009 Traffic Island

Venue: Vanha, Helsinki (Finland)
By: Nina Mende & Sabine van Gameren

Just like last year, April 30th was leading us to Vanha again. This year Traffic Island and some other bands were playing. We only stayed for Traffic Island though. It was still quite empty by that time, but there was a lot going on in town on this day, so no wonder.

Traffic Island is a Finnish band from Turku founded in 2004. The sweetly aggressive Finnish rock band Traffic Island signed a deal with Universal Music in November 2006. I only have album of the band but I like this one, so I was quite excited to see the band live.

As the band entered the stage we were surprised to see how young they were, but that doesn’t say anything about the music, right? They played old and new songs and their performance lasted for about an hour The singer and the bass player were quite active on stage, dancing and moving around, entangle each other with their cables. The singer also played acoustic guitar and keyboard during some songs. The bass player sang one song while the singer walked around through the venue. There were two girls dancing like crazy in the front row who ended up getting up on stage playing tambourine and dancing. The girls seemed to enjoy it but the band didn’t seem too happy about them staying up on stage for so long and taking the tambourine along. The audience had a lot of fun, danced and sang along, clapped and shouted for more at all times. Traffic Island didn’t have less fun, they performance was energetic and powerful. Some of the songs they played were Studio Apartment, Three Star Hotel, Two Days in A Road and several others. It was great seeing them at a great venue like Vanha. Even the bass problems they had during one of their last songs didn’t get them out of balance, but they were all cool about it passed the time by jamming some radio songs.

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