IsRain – Trees Never Sleep

Releasedate: 20-07-2012
By: Nina Mende

IsRain is a new industrial metal band from Italy. Founded in 2010 they also began writing songs for their debut album back then. “Trees Never Sleep” is IsRainʼs debut album that is now released to public.
Itʼs been produced, recorded and mixed by the band itself while the mastering had place at the Metropolis Studios In London with Andy “Hippy” Baldwin. Now the guys released their debut album called “Trees Never Sleep”. Nine songs are on this self produced recording. Powerful and kicking ass they go through the album. Dark and evil the music spreads darkness and fear but also energy and some light in between. An interesting album with quite some features. The slower songs half way through the album include jazz elements and others. Quite experimental. It seems like each song has a special feature. The lyrics are quite creepy when listening to them closely. An interesting album by an interesting band. “Trees Never Sleep” is an album you definitely should check out if you are looking for something new in metal. A brilliant album for being a debut and self produced. So definitely worth to support. Maybe we will see this band on some of next years’ metal festivals. Check them out now!

01. I Want To Leave You Something

02. No Forgiveness

03. Enemy

04. Open Your Door

05. Frozen Words

06. Parasite

07. I Don’t Wanna Be Here

08. Seasons

09. Sonata For The Dead

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