Cable 35 – Louder

Releasedate: 26-07-2011; Label: Cable 35
By: Nina Mende

Cable 35 is a Maltese rock group that was formed in August 2006. The band’s name comes from a guitar lead (cable) and a bus number (35) that that used regularly to get to their rehearsal space in Mqabba. The band performs as a trio comprising guitarist Jeffrey Zerafa, bassist Kriz Zahra, and drummer Chris Mallia. Zerafa and Zahra share the singing on most of their songs.The first EP was released in 2007, a few more EPs followed throughout the years. Now, finally, their debut album “Louder” is out and spreading all across Europe.

With sixteen tracks this album brings grunge back to your home and to your ears. Reminding of Nirvana this band just does as they feel. Perfection is not part of their way of writing and making music. As perfection is not part of grunge. And so Cable 35 rocks through their sixteen tracks. Lyrics about everything and nothing, lyrics about life and death, and everything in between. “Louder” pleases every Nirvana fan and grunge fan. With this album grunge revives and lives on. Let’s hope they won’t find a tragic end like Nirvana did. Until then enjoy the debut album of Cable 35. “Louder” is out now.

Jeffrey Zerafa – Vocals & Guitar
Kriz Zahra – Bass & Vocals
Chris Mallia – Drums

01. Cow Head
02. Can I
03. Bobby Funk
04. Fact in Spain
05. Factory Floor
06. Come Down to Party
07. Lost City
08. Saturated
09. House of Fire
10. Abducted
11. Surfing Africa
12. Memories
13. Fat Snowman
14. Crops
15. Matonto
16. Lost City (pussy version)

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