26 November 2022

156 – 156

Releasedate: 2011
By: Sabine van Gameren

156 is a musical project by Adel Souto which has been described as authentic noise (as in the ’78 school of industrial music) blending the likes of Einstürzende Neubauten, Test Dept., Z’ev and Crash Worship, and has often been called “an evil drum circle in a junkyard”. He comes now with the release “156”.

156 makes an release that is quite remarkable. The noises used are often floating into all directions so you re are certainly feeling a bit played while listening. Maybe it is all a bit dark but also some brighter moments are into the sound which brings diversity.
It is not always easy to track what kind of direction you are send to, leaving some space for the own interpretation of the listener. Adel mentions his city life in Brooklyn, USA in his biography and some how you might find the influences of that back in there. The confidential sounds that can be very unpredictable and yet surprising, but not shocking you too much as it feels like an everyday experience.
“156” caught the attention but after listening a couple of tracks you find yourself satisfied. A slight need of extra depth may fix this in a next release.

01. Meditation 17
02. The Appearance of Pan
03. Refute The Refrain
04. Past Present Future
05. Horse Drawn Carnage
06. An Unbelievable Delete