23 January 2022

Wormhog – Yellow Sea

Releasedate:  2 April 2021
Label: Electric Valley Records

Wormhog released their first full length album Yellow Sea. They are from Greece and cultural influence of a metal/hard is easily felt in this work. They have an EP called "Mother Worm Father Hog", which is a brilliant name for a record. Between 2014 and now there weren't any records, which the reason I don't know why, because their sound is pretty sweet. Anyway, this album is pretty great, and here's why...

The intro to the album is the track “Wormhole,” and let me tell you; The intentions are pretty clear. These guys are up to blend everything’s good with the hard rock, stoner, desert rock, doom metal, progressive rock, and you name it. If I list all the bands that come to my mind while listening to this album, it would be enormous. From the ’70s, with an important stop in the ’90s, and arriving firm to this day and age. As a matter of fact, “Beneath The Yellow Sea” reminisces of those times long gone in the history of rock, being way too long for being radio-friendly but extremely fitting to my taste.

In my conclusions, I always reflect on the possibility of seeing the bands live or not. So this one is a no-brainer from the moment one. I would like to see them right now if I have the possibility. Masterful guitar work, solidity in the drums, those echoey vocals that work perfectly, and a base play that ties all together. Finally, an occasional rhythm break that keeps everything interesting. This is particularly obvious in the “Crystal grain.” Following, “Inertia” screams of “hallucination” teach you exactly where you are in the domain of stoner and prog. You are welcome.

In conclusion, this album is amazing from the beginning till the end. I can give you a bunch of reasons to listen to it but listen to the ending track, “Planet Egg.” Now the question is not if I want to see them live… It’s with whom! Send them here with Stoned Jesus and Dopelord, and we are game. I will send my wishlist and hope for the best.

Line up:
  • Jim – drums
  • Chris – bass
  • Gus – guitar
  • Panos – guitar, vocals 
  • 01 Wormhole
  • 02 Beneath the Yellow Sea
  • 03 Hellmouth
  • 04 Crystal Grain
  • 05 Inertia
  • 06 One Man
  • 07 Sore
  • 08 Planet Egg