Tim’s Favourite – We, The Willing

[schema type=”review” name=”Tim’s Favorite – We, The Willing” description=”Label: Timbre” author=”Gamze Öyunc” pubdate=”2018-04-27″]

Tim’s Favourite is a Belgian band consisting of three guys who I would say without knowing their self-description a grunge rock band with protest lyrics, however they describe themselves with “Zen-metal” genre. “We, The Willing” is their 3rd full-length album, its predecessors are “Geometry For The Selfish Herd” and “Noises from the Dark Room”. On the band’s website, their influences are given extensively and when you listen to them you can definitely spot the influences of say Alice in Chains, Tool or Pantera (riff-wise). You can also find their other influences from movies, books, and of course other music bands on the site. Now imagine my excitement to have found out about a grunge band in 2018 from Europe!

When I first heard them, I thought they were an American band on the protest side of things considering also their album cover, you can see they’re criticizing something. I don’t know if they’re real life activists but I can easily put them in the same category with the bands like Propagandhi even though they’re rather different in terms of genre and style. Looking at their lyrics and song titles, they’re the politically intellectual version of Alice in Chains’s Dirt era. They somehow sound like a garage band quality-wise because of the recording style probably, it sounds lo-fi to me. But I like the vocalist’s alternative voice, that overwhelming bass and the Tool-laden riffs. Okay, I resembled their riffs to Pantera earlier, but it’s only because the band also define themselves as a cross-over band. In their words on their FB, they’re; “The ultimate cross-over between razorblade metal, pounding drums and profound thoughts. Everything that turns music into fabulous metal… and more”. I totally dug their closing track “Requiem For a Dream”, they definitely should make more acoustic and down-tempo songs like this one.

Okay, I will leave you to listening to “We, The Willing”, if this hasn’t captured your attention enough. It’s been a pleasure for me to have discovered Tim’s Favourite. You can find their album on Spotify, Itunes and other platforms.

Highlights: Requiem for A Dream

Jan Pauwels – Vocals, guitars
Elie De Backer – Drums
Gorik Van Droogenbroeck – Bass guitar

01. The Capital Lie
02. The Day Free Will Was Disproven
03. Darlings We Probably Should’ve Killed But Didn’t Have The Guts To Do So
04. Galilei Was A Believer
05. No Means No
06. A Legacy
07. Narrative
08. Cashdance
09. This Lot
10. Unbearable Lightness of The New Atheism
11. (W)hole
12. Requiem For A Dream