Gus Ring - Hypnoseas

Gus Ring – Hypnoseas

[schema type=”review” name=”Gus Ring – Hypnoseas” description=”Label: Daughters and Sons / Cargo” author=”Nina Mende” pubdate=”2017-04-21″ ]

Gus Ring calls his music Acoustic Dreampop. Growing up playing trumpet in orchestras to then end up screaming in metal and hardcorebands, Gus found his love for fragile, honest, melancholic music in his early 20s when he started writing and recording songs in his bedroom. In 2014 the first album Boredomtapes was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gus in a studio he built in his closet, as an experiment to what he could achieve doing everything himself. Gus then released the album as 100 cassette-tapes, each one with a hand-drawn cover.

Now, Gus Ring has a brand new beauty out. “Hypnoseas” comes with ten songs. Each song is soft and emotional. Gus Ring created pure music for “Hypnoseas”. And he is guiding you through it with his voice. The music is spreading hope and good vibes. Sometimes the music is a little more melancholic. “Hypnoseas” is an album that will make you sigh. Soft and calm melodies are wrapping you in its love and emotions, warming your heart and soul. Simply beautiful.

Gus Ring has a new album out. “Hypnoseas” is the name of this album. The slow and calm music on it will make you fall in love with the album. Filled to the edge with heartfelt emotions, this album is one you want to light a candle to or have a romantic moment. Check it out now.

Gus Ring - Hypnoseas Tracklist:
01. Swim
02. Hypnoseas
03. Chameleon
04. Rainbow Blood
05. Heart Beat Wild
06. Youniverse
07. Introvertigo
08. The Greatest Man On Earth
09. Armor
10. Du Drunknade I Dina Tankar