Wage War - Deathweight

Wage War is an American metal core band from Ocala, Florida formed in 2010 under the name Empires. The band

Dirkschneider - LIVE – Back To The Roots - Accepted!

Udo Dirkschneider is a German heavy metal singer who rose to fame with German heavy metal band Accept. After leaving

Callejon released a new album today. “Fandigo” is the name of this beauty and we went to its first birthday

A chill and sunny evening in Hamburg… What would be better than that? Oh yeah, an evening full of some

Right up to Steenwijk, where Stonehenge Festival was about to take place. A home for thei heavier sides of Metal.


Day two of Amphi festival in Cologne was a little bit cooler. But that was ok. Because the line up


The Norwegian singer Sivert Høyem has been around for many years. 20 years in music business, from his band Madrugada

An Erotic End of Times is a band that makes Industrial rock. The band is releasing their debut album “Chapter

Oceans Ate Alaska - Hikari

Oceans Ate Alaska is a British metal core band from Birmingham formed in 2010. The band released their debut album

Callejon - Fandigo

Callejon is a German metal core band from Düsseldorf. Their brand new album “Fandigo” is out now. It is the