Assimilation - The Laws Of Power

Assimilation is Vancouver’s premiere old school inspired death/thrash band. Jesse Jardine, the founding member, started the band in 2011. This

The Charm The Fury - The Sick, Dumb & Happy

The Charm The Fury is a Dutch metal band from Amsterdam and was formed in 2010. The singer is characteristic

Lawgiver - Lawgiver

Destined to wreak havoc upon the expectations of the listener and ready to fuck with any given scene regulation, Malmö,

Dynamo Metal Fest has been a great success in the previous years and also this year the line up is

Wolfheart´s brand new album “Tyhjyys” has been eagerly awaited by the fans after 2 years. Luckily I got to see

Depeche Mode - Spirit

Depeche Mode is an English electronic band that formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. That is almost forty years of

Thanks for the awesome gig to Alternative Metal Band Kilt. from Finland. The guys have been together for quite some

Founded in 2014, Crucify the Faith is a 5-piece mayhem from Helsinki. Dubbing themselves as metalcore, I found their debut

Death by Chocolate - Crooked For Love

Death by Chocolate is a rock band from Switzerland. Founded in 2004, the guys have been playing hundreds of shows

Mothership - High Strangeness

Supersonic intergalactic heavy rock trio Mothership based out of Dallas, Texas give a real sense of hope that all is