The email of our website is:

Each of the crew has an own emailadres. If you have specific questions to one of our crew you can find his/her email at the crewpage.

The post address which you can send demo’s, promotionmaterial or anything else to:

Tempelores Magazine
Sabine van Gameren
Edelvalk 6
3905 RB Veenendaal

Telephone number: +31 (0)6 23 83 45 30.

Tips to get your review(s) online fast:

1. Send it with the following information: short bio, release date, lineup. No releasedate means we have no indication of its priority so therefore usually not on top of our list.

2. Send it a bit before the releasedate. We have many albums coming in and we take time for each album to listen to it carefully before writing. If you don’t want a review to be online before a certain date, feel free to mention that.

3. Don’t send us material that you released three years ago. It’s not relevant anymore for our readers so we usually don’t review releases that are older than 1 year. If for example a release was only local and now goes more international then you could of course send it to us. Mention the new releasedate.

4. Don’t send streams. We work with the priority order: Physical/Downloads/rest… Simply said: We don’t have much time to work with streams.

5. Don’t spam. We don’t mind if you send us newsletters and such, but some bands send us emails for each gig they have. No thanks, an overview if you have a few planned will do.

6. Share links when it is online. We will remember. Crosspromo leads to a leverage effect on both sides, so spread the word and we will certainly remember that next time!

16 March 2008