Stargazery – Stars Aligned

Releasedate: 23-01-2014; Label: Pure Legend Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Stargazery is a Finnish Heavy Metal band. They formed in 2006 and came with their debut album “Eye On The Sky” in 2011. In 2015 the band returns with a brand new release. It is called “Stars Aligned” and it is out now.

Their previous release was one we have enjoyed thoroughly and we were not surprise this one to be just like that. The first track on the album is called “Voodoo” and it is extremely catchy. One that could be a great single in case they would consider to do one. The sound they chosen is recognizable, but with a good quality that is not quite a problem.
On the vocal side you hear the steady Jari, which brings a lot of charm into it. Here and there he brings surprises and that gives us one of these things that make the album a success. The instrumental part is well thought. The guys seem to have a good idea of the sound they want to bring. The songs are all quite strong but besides “Voodoo” it is the song “Dark Lady” that stands out. This one is also added with Finnish vocals as a special bonus track for the fans.

“Stars Aligned is a good follow up from the band’s debut. The picked up where they left and improved on the sound quality but maintained with the confidential sound we got introduced with before. Simply said: one that we still listen at the end of the year when we have to decide on yearlists and such.

Jari Tiura – vocals
Jukka Jokikokko – bass
Pete Ahonen – guitars
Marco Sneck – keyboards
Jussi Ontero – drums

Stargazery – Stars Aligned Tracklist:
01. Voodoo
02. Angel Of The Dawn
03. Missed The Train To Paradise
04. Invisible
05. Absolution
06. Academy Of Love
07. Painted Into A Corner
08. Dim The Halo
09. Bring Me The Night
10. Hiding
11. Warrior’s Inn
12. Dark Lady
13. Tumma Nainen (Special Bonustrack)

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23 January 2015