Pineal – Smiling Cult

Releasedate: 02-10-2014
By: Sabine van Gameren

Trio Pineal from London, UK makes Progressive Metal. The band come with their very first release this year, the EP “Smiling Cult” is out now.

The band has a Progressive description but perhaps has more content than you may get with that description. It is doomy, it is dark it is heavy overall and that sludge is there to give it a thick sound. And the band does not really stay at the surface but likes to make a deeper impression with their melodic parts you are taken by the hand and swung into a roller coaster ride of emotions.
One moment you are experiencing a small and precise part but a little further the heaviness will come over you. The band self mentions influences of bands like Tool and Alice in Chains and perhaps those are quite present in their sound. It’s obvious and yet it work for Pineal to give their own twist to it. And that is their strength exactly, building onto something that sounds familiar to so many people while retaining their own face.

“Smiling Cult” is a first release and with this they give a good introduction of themselves to the world. It will be interesting to what the guys develop to, but for now we have an EP to enjoy.

Pineal – Smiling Cult Tracklist:
03.Civil Obedience

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24 November 2014